How do I remove peeling paint from my bathroom walls?


I am wishing to paint my bathroom. The problem is there is peeling paint on the walls and ceiling that I cannot seem to remove very well. What are some ways this paint can be removed totally. Someone mentioned I would need to sander.

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  • Judy Judy on Jul 15, 2019

    Hi Sylvia. For a paint job to be done really well you must use a paint scraper or sander to get the peeling paint off. I suspect the reason it’s peeling is because of moisture. If you can put in a good bathroom fan or open the window when you take a shower. Or even place the fan in the bathroom to push the moisture out of the room.

    A primer for more wet areas can help too. Ask your paint counter person for help.

  • Sylvia Sylvia on Jul 15, 2019

    Thank you Judy, yes it is from moisture!!

  • Jeremy Hoffpauir Jeremy Hoffpauir on Jul 15, 2019

    You should use a tool like this to properly remove the paint from a wall.

  • Sylvia Sylvia on Jul 15, 2019

    Checked it out Jeremy and found some interesting reading, will give it try sounds like just what I need, thanks!

  • William William on Jul 15, 2019

    Scrape off the loose paint. Use 200 grit sandpaper or a sanding pad to sand and feather the edges of paint that won't com off. Prime with Kilz primer. then paint with a quality bathroom paint. Sanding with a power sander will clog up the sandpaper fast. You can also sand right through the drywall paper making more work than you need.