This Vanity is a Beauty & A Beast :)

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I loved this "beauty" of a vanity when I saw it for sale on kijij but I also knew she was going to be "beast" to finish. First hurdle was to cover up the orange oak finish and Fusion Mineral Paint had the perfect solution !!!
Here she is "Belle" after I tamed this beautiful beast :)
Here is Belle while she was still a beast !
Step 1: This gorgeous vanity was solid oak and had the original mirror which was marked as made in 1920 ! She had a very "orange" finish to her which I don't personally like plus orange tends to 'bleed" which means when you apply paint it will turn pink! I didn't want to take any chances of it bleeding so I sprayed two thin coats of clear shellac over the entire piece (except the top which I sanded down to the raw wood to stain later)
I LOVE distressing my furniture and didn't want the orange stain to show through....SOLUTION? Paint the entire piece in Fusion Mineral Paint in the colour Chocolate !!! This way when I do my distressing I get this gorgeous dark brown showing through and it looks completely natural !!!
Step 2: Here is she is all painted in Chocolate and it doesn't need to even look completely even or perfect because we're only going to be seeing very little of the Chocolate but I decided to paint the entire piece because I wasn't 100% sure where I wanted to distress so just to be on the safe side I painted the whole piece.
TIP: When I'm going to stain the top part of whatever piece of furniture I'm working on I always tape a garbage bag over the sanded down part to make sure I don't slop anything on the area I worked so hard to sand down :)
Step 3: Now I apply Homestead House wax block on all the areas I wanted to distress. This block works awesome and is 100% pure beeswax and smells delish ! I gently brush off any excess wax after I've applied it.
Step 4: Next I put a coal of Fusion Mineral Paint Concealer over the piece since Chocolate is such a dark colour and the finished colour I chose is light. This step isn't necessary but since I had FMP Concealer I decided to take this step.

NOTE: I forgot to take a picture of sanding in between coats but after I applied the FMP Concealer I took 220 grit sandpaper and sanded all the places I had put the beeswax BEFORE I applied another coat of paint! You MUST re wax and sand in-between coats or else the paint layers just fuse together (hence the name of the paint line FUSION :) and sanding will be almost impossible....cause the paint is that good!
Step 5: Now I applied two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in's a GORGEOUS white/gray/beige !!!! In between each coat re applying the beeswax and sanding in those areas !!
Step 6: I finished her off with Homestead House Espresso Wax to give her this beautiful aged this wax sooooooo much !!!!!
Step 7: Here's a close up of the gorgeous leg on this beauty ! You can see how rich and dark the Fusion Mineral Paint Chocolate shows through and how the Espresso Wax adds to the aging. I also love the little chip in the leg....she's 100 yrs old and I love the little bumps and bruises each antique piece has. :)
Suggested materials:
  • Fusion Mineral Paint - Chocolate   (Janice Slater from Fred & Bessie's in London, Ontario)
  • Fusion Mineral Paint - Concealer   (Janice Slater from Fred & Bessie's in London, Ontario)
  • Fusion Mineral Paint - Champlain   (Janice Slater from Fred & Bessie's in London, Ontario)
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    Could u have used heritage paint where u do not have sand ? Just paint it

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