Make a Princess Pet Dog Bed From an Old Drawer!

My darling little pup, Lily, always ignores her doggie bed. Instead she's obsessed the laundry basket. It doesn’t matter if it’s filled with clean or dirty clothes. And it doesn’t matter what room the basket is in, she will find it, climb in (it’s really cute because the basket is taller than she is and sometimes she gets stuck in mid hurdle and has to wiggle her way over the hump) and dig herself a little hole. Sometimes she digs herself in so well that only her head is visible.
I have to admit that it cracks me up each time I find her like this, but at the same time it inspired me to make her a new doggie bed. Her old bed is a pretty standard fleece covered cushion. So I thought, maybe if I made her something more box-like and enclosed then she’d like it better.
I’ve seen tons of dog beds online that are made from old drawers and I thought the concept was brilliant…and easy. Love easy. So off I went to make her a drawer dog bed. The plan was pretty straight forward: get an old drawer, spray paint it, put a cushion in it, done… well, at least that’s how it started out. Instead, the project evolved multiple times and I ended up getting completely carried away.
This is Lily in the middle of her digging herself into the laundry...
I started with this old drawer...
And ended up perhaps going a little over board, but she is loving her new bed/throne.
Follow this link for more pictures & complete tutorial (If I could do it, anyone can!)

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