Lane Cedar Chest

by Alicia
This Lane Cedar Chest was actually in decent shape. Usually the veneer is the first to go but luckly, this guy was in good shape! well Besides the bottom part.
Old, sad, Lane Cedar Chest
The inside was in excellent shape also! I was so happy once i looked inside.
The top needed a lot of l.o.v.e., years of scratches,grime,gouges in the wood.
From the side you will get an idea of how bad the bottom was. The water damage was un repairable due to it being pressed board. Not sure why Lane decided to get way with that! just insane!
I decided to take the whole bottom piece off. I don't have any pictures but, I added a new bottom wood piece and added new feet! Just screwed them in the new piece of wood i added under there.
And wahlaa here it is! I wanted to keep the stain look on the veneer because it was just way to pretty to cover up, but I also wanted that new look of pop. Went with a cream frame along with the feet. The front looked empty so I added some matching color appliques. I think it fills it out nicely.
The old bottom piece.
Horrible Lane, just horrible. tisk tisk
Lightly sanded inside just to give it a fresh start of life. No age of grime or use and the smell is just amazing! I love cedar and working with it.
Covered it with polyurethane for that ultra protection and shine.
It's a shame the pictures don't show the true color of the grain and just how much it pops out. Thanks for looking = )
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  • Debbie Holmes Debbie Holmes on Jan 25, 2017
    So you sanded the top which had some scratching damage and then stained it? Or did you sand the entire piece?
  • Lisa Bailey Lisa Bailey on Aug 16, 2018

    Where do you get the feet?

  • Howard H Howard H on Oct 18, 2020

    Wow. This looks great! I have to do the same. Any suggestions on how to remove the rotted particle board skirt?

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  • June Garner June Garner on Jan 23, 2017
    I have my mother's Lane cedar chest, very similar to this one, and it also has the pressboard on the bottom. I have removed it and was considering adding a longer skirt with 1x4 pine and painting the whole thing and adding casters underneath so it would roll. Mine has a padded top which I have already recovered. Yours looks great. I'm redoing mother's for my daughter.
  • Dlo6650951 Dlo6650951 on Feb 05, 2017
    I have my Grandmothers cedar chest an although I love the idea of having it, it is blond (not a fan!) and has some damage. You have inspired me to just change it to suit my style!