"Soulful Journey"-Table Makeover Inspired by Hurricane Harvey

6 Materials
8 Hours
I picked up this $15 table at local thrift store and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I envisioned a sleek, flawless, modern look. I started this project before Hurricane Harvey hit land and just finished it today as people are trying to put their lives back together. As I cry and laugh listening to peoples stories of survival, struggles, and hope from here in Iowa, I realize that this transformation did not end up like I envisioned, but instead represents the humanity and soul of all of us. It has multiple layers, is distressed, sparkly, reflective, calm, dark, and is beautiful. So, let's take this little journey-shall we.
So here it is before. I simple black little end table that I picked up at a local thrift store for $15. I knew I wanted to do a dirty pour technique on the top sealed with epoxy. There are all sorts of videos on variations of this process but I will explain how I did mine.
I mixed individual colors in small cups and added Floetrol and a little water to each color. I did not measure. Just mixed until I liked it. I used Unicorn SPiT Sparkling Stain in Grace C. Hummingbird and Crow. I also used Modern Masters Pale Gold and Black Metallic. And I used a white and a pearl white acrylic. Then I simply poured each color onto the top of the table and made more small batches as needed to cover the table. I did tip the table to get the colors to flow together a little more. Once it was completely dry I then poured Famowood epoxy (which you can find on Amazon or at Lowes) on top for a thick glass like seal.
Here it is right after doing the dirty pour while the mediums were still wet.
For the base I mixed up The Real Milk Paint Company milk paint in Dragonfly-I had been wanting to use this on a project so I used it on this. Once dry I realized that it was going to chip in places-cause duh-it's milk paint and I didn't use a bonding agent. So, I distressed it so that the black would show through in places. Then I layered it with the Unicorn SPiT Sparkling Stain in Grace C. Hummingbird. Didn't quite like it, so I highlighted with DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Brilliant Turquoise and Antique Gold Rub'n Buff. Still didn't quite like it, so I layered on some Unicorn SPiT Sparkling Stain in Crow to tone it down and then sealed with 3 coats of Wipe-On Poly. I originally envisioned just the solid teal color for the base and it morphed into a layered, distressed, metallic, sparkly, beautiful soul.
Products used on the table base.
And after all that this is what it looks like now.
The top.
Wow. I can not even begin to tell you what an emotional roller coaster this was doing this piece. I really do believe it reflects all the emotions that people are experiencing with Hurricane Harvey from those that lost their homes, to those who are volunteering and helping in this time of need.

God Bless
Suggested materials:
  • The Real Milk Paint-Dragonfly   (https://renaissance-lady.myshopify.com/)
  • Unicorn SPiT Sparkling Stain   (https://www.facebook.com/UnicornSpit/)
  • Rub'n Buff-Antique Gold   (Hobby Lobby)
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  • Shawna Farmer Shawna Farmer on Apr 07, 2021

    How did u paint get bottom part to look so eloquent, what technique did you use , did u paint a black flower on it?

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  • Gypsy Queen Gypsy Queen on Sep 09, 2017
    Very Beautiful. The inspiration can be felt looking at your work. May those suffering thru this tragedy find comfort and compassion as they rebuild. Houston and now Florida, you are in our prayer.

  • Cathy Cathy on Sep 10, 2017