"It's a Jungle in Here!"

If you haven't already guessed, I love to design theme rooms. I get lost in looking at everything asking myself how I can blend it into the theme I've decided on. Such a challenge, but oh, so fun...so, for this past Parade of Homes, I decided that a jungle theme was in order..and a tall order it was!
I had been collecting large jungle animals from Thrift stores for several years just waiting for the right design to include them, and along with a couple of "borrowed" jungle friends, I really had the "wild" feel I was going for.
I also knew that I would have to construct the jungle arbor over the bed. I had an old wooden ladder that must have reached up to the roof for it was very tall and could be taken apart into 2 pieces. I cut them so they were the same heights to be the sides of the arbor...perfect for hanging monkeys and jungle vines. I purchased some inexpensive fence planks from Home Depot, brought them home and used a mixture of watered down acrylic paints in black, grey, white and biege to give them a "weathered" look-as if they had been out in the elements for years. I had a college intern working with me for the summer, and she painted in the words, "It's a jungle in here" on the top cross board of the arbor
I had to be sure that the arbor was not too high, for I wanted that lion to be on top ...lounging, well, he is the King of the Jungle you know!
I also found at a garage sale of all places, some bamboo fencing that stretched across the whole back wall plus some, so that brought more of the jungle feel in to the room.
My hubby and I were able to design the arbor so it could be transported in pieces and assembled on site easily which was perfect. It went up very easily, and I screwed the back to a stud in the wall to secure, then dangled monkeys and vines along with baskets from pulleys. A twin bed was dressed up with a bed roll at the end and a custom made lathe frame enclosing a vintage feel zoo animal poster to hang above the bed. Zebra patterned sheets with a tribal patterned blanket along with custom pillows made up the bed, where a leopard dozed.
I stuffed raffia trim along the mattress box spring to hang down to the floor. For the show, I just pinned it, but it could be sewn onto a sheet as a proper bedskirt.

A large banana tree with real bananas I tucked among the leaves sat in the corner which also hid the cd player playing " A lion sleeps tonight" in the background. I purchased from IKEA, 2 large green leaves, and attached them to the arbor, and with the ceiling fan, they moved up and down, as if swaying to the music....lots of animation..love it!
The curtains were inspired...I had found a zebra print curtain panel set at Hobby Lobby, then attached more of the raffia trim along the top, but I wanted to have more of a "jungle" way to hang the panels to the rod. So I purchased online some jungle plush with velcro paws, and used them to hook the panels to the rod...I kept saying, "hang in there!" hoping they would hold up and they did, no prob!
In the corner of the room I wanted a little reading nook, so I had one of those netted canopies and hung it up where it draped down over large coffee bean bag covered floor cushions; a painted rattan glass top short table; a brass electrified lantern to read by; and a large tiger to lean on and read stories with....wouldn't you want to read to a tiger?
From the inception of choosing the wall color to the rattan leaf ceiling fan; constructing the arbor hut;collaborating on the crate dresser; stacked crate night stand; adding an empty coke bottle (remember "The gods must think I'm crazy?" movie?; custom painted giraffe wall art; jungle directional signs; to the canteen hanging at the end of the bed and the music in the background...this was a dream theme room, one that was amazing to be living in for a short time while pulling it all together...it really was a jungle in there! Shhhh....the lion sleeps tonight....oh, and no more monkeys jumping on the bed!
Taylor @ TayRose Design
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  • Kristi Poole Kristi Poole on Jun 28, 2020

    What type of plant is the large plant in the corner and where did you purchase it???

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  • Mia Bolby Mia Bolby on Sep 11, 2018

    My son was in love so i needed to try this. Now we're just wating for a couple of wild animals to arrive - unfortunately i can't get the zebra shipped to Denmark, So now we're just waiting for a baby giraffe, an elephant, a rhino, a young cheetah, a black panther, a lioness and a whole tiger family. Thanks for the inspiration 😁

  • Jan Jan on Jan 27, 2019

    Very, very inspiring!!!