How can we spruce up this entryway with a deck?


We moved in a year ago and there were ferns and grass along both sides of the sidewalk. Not attractive! When it rained there was no where for the water to escape. We dug it out for now to eliminate that problem. The step is just 3 cement blocks placed in front of the door on top the sidewalk. We want to build a deck in that space to the height of the doorway, eliminating the need for a step. The space measures approximately 9.5 feet wide x 7 feet long to be even with end of the garage. That could leave about 3 feet square of space for landscaping at the end. The depth from doorway entrance to sidewalk is about 5.5 inches.

We are pretty handy with tools, but need help in the area of design/creativity. Suggestions are very much welcome!

q how can we spruce up this entryway with a deck
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