How I clean glass top stove with vinegar baking soda & blue dish dete?

by Nani
  6 answers
  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 17, 2019

    Pour white vinegar into a small spray bottle. Spray the vinegar evenly onto your stovetop.

    Then sprinkle baking soda evenly across your stove top.

    Next, put a few drops of Dawn into a bucket or your sink, and fill it with hot water.

    Spread the wet towel over the stove top, covering the baking soda and vinegar. Let it sit for about 15 minutes. The steam from the hot towel will help to “steam clean” your stove top and rehydrate any baked-on gunk, and the dish soap will help cut through greasy messes.

    This is what I do to clean my stove top. I really need to do this more often!

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Feb 17, 2019

    cold stove top put dawn dish on burners then towel to cover top then add vinegar until towel is damp/wet let it soak real burnt on -overnight then remove towel and scrub with scrubber sponge use a little baking soda if needed rinse thoroughly with hot water. use towel with dish soap and vinegar to clean tub/shower walls.

  • Tere Tere on Feb 18, 2019

    Hi Nani. Here's the simple recipe I use that works beautifully!

    Spray the glass top with a good mist of hydrogen peroxide ( Yes! it comes in a spray bottle now! ).

    Sprinkle on a layer of baking soda. Let it sit overnight and simple wipe it off with a wet rag in the morning. Buff it dry with a cotton dishtowel for a sparkly shine!

  • Deb K Deb K on Nov 07, 2023

    Hi Nani, hope this helps. Mix 1tsp of Dawn and 2 Tbsp of White Vinegar. Let it soak about 15 min with a hot wet rag on top. Later add 1/2 a cup of baking soda, scrub and rinse with water, wipe dry to prevent streaks

  • Dee Dee on Nov 10, 2023

    Heat up 1 cup of white vinegar, mix in about 1/4 cup of Dawn Premium. Not the dollar store kind, because it is too thin. Add baking soda about a tablespoon. When mixed, pour into a spray bottle and fill with water. Shake well. Spray and let sit for several hours, Rinse well.