How to clean glass shower doors?


Hi, I have never posted & hope I've this correctly! So I have glass shower doors with a beautiful white I guess stained design on it. 1st we all smoke ( I know eeww but sadly 3 of us do in the house) smoking leaves a good awful smell & a brown stain 😫on everything. I sprayed the glass door with bleach & ajax in the tub( I like to let it sit for 20 mins or so before scrubbing, I think it shines better Idk! The bleach left lines down the glass door even after scrubbing & redoing it 🤯🤨 Is there something I can clean it with to make the lines go away! I've tried a handful of things even as exstream as toothpaste & brush OOO My it took forever 🤕 it didn't work! Plz any ideas!! I will owe u big lol🤪 Thanks in advance! Have a blessed day!

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