9 Cleaning Hacks That Actually Work!

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Hi everyone! Over the past year I've come across endless cleaning hacks and I decided to put them to the test. Today I've rounded up the 9 best cleaning hacks that actually work! I hope you find these helpful!
Watch the video above to see each of the hacks in action. I happily demonstrated them on all on my personal belongings because that's how confident I was that they would work  .

Yes that is real candle wax that I am pouring on my living room carpet!

Not to worry! With a little heat from an iron and a paper bag, the wax disappeared in a matter of minutes.
Spilled red wine on your beautiful rug? Not to worry! My husband and I discovered magical spray that removed wine stains instantly with no rinsing! It's called Folex, it comes in a giant bottle and costs around $10. We've had the same bottle for a year and it has come in handy around here since we like our vino  .
Like magic!
Speaking of wine, if you ever get the notion to play tic tac toe on your wine glass with permeant marker, don't worry, that can be removed later with a magic eraser. So basically the magic eraser can remove permanent marker from any glass surface!
Got a scuff on your favorite patent leather shoes? Take a bit of hand sanitizers and watch it work it's magic!
Pen ink on your clothes? Hairspray! It takes a little bit of patience and scrubbing but it will slowly fade before your eyes.
Next time you have a stubborn greasy baking pan, try lining it with dryer sheets then adding warm water. Let it soak overnight and you'll see how all the dirt easily lifts up with minimum scrubbing.
This is probably one of my most used hacks. For those stubborn price stickers I soak it with any type of cooking oil and it removes all the glue with very little effort.
A simple way to remove deodorant stains is with a dry magic eraser. It doesn't leave any residue!
All gone!
This last hack has been a life saver for our brand new marble counter tops. Because the marble has a high gloss finish, it is prone to etching if anything acidic touches the stone. You can see in the photo above there has a very pronounced ring from a glass that contained lemonade. After several mini heart attacks, we found a powder on Amazon that is literally magical fairy dust for marble! It is called MB Stone Care and it's available on Amazon. All you need is a little water, a cloth and some elbow grease. The picture on the right is after one application and you can see how it significantly reduced the etching mark!

So there you have it! 9 Cleaning hacks that I've used in my personal life, I hope they come in handy for you as well! If you enjoyed these tips, check out my YouTube channel here: http://bit.ly/1U6GJFP I share lots of useful everyday ideas from organization, to decorating and recipes! Or come find me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/misslizheart/

Let me know if you've tried any of these!
- MissLizHeart
Suggested materials:
  • MB Stone Care   (http://bit.ly/2u1LW01)
  • Folex   (http://bit.ly/2t6NW2G)
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  • Billie Quigley Billie Quigley on Jul 21, 2017
    Will that MB work on Coriander?

  • Lisa Lisa on Jul 25, 2017
    Please forgive, but what is a dry magic eraser?

  • Dee Ygama Dee Ygama on Aug 07, 2017
    will the MC Stone care work on a dull spot on my Normandy counter top? I've tried everything. Thank you

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  • Victoria Victoria on Mar 08, 2020

    Thank you, for sharing. I have also learned over the years that a dryer sheet will also remove deodorant. Just rub over the spot till gone. Also you'll not only smell fresh you won't be clingy to anything, 😉. Thank you for these other tips truly great to know.

  • Elana Herndon Elana Herndon on Feb 05, 2022

    Will Try