How do I remove yellow from vinyl floor that had rubber back rug on it

what to. Use to remove yellow from vinyl floor that had a rubber back rug on it.

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  • Kauai Breeze Kauai Breeze on Dec 21, 2017
    Sorry to say, but I had the same problem years ago and I went directly to the manufacturer. The chemicals in the backing on throw rugs reacts with vinyl floor and turns it yellow. There is nothing that will correct the damage and even the manufacturer won't honor the warranty if you use non-skid rugs on vinyl floors. The only thing you can do is keep a rug in the same spot until you are ready to replace the flooring.

  • Paula Paula on Dec 21, 2017
    you could try wax floor stripper, its a chemical that removes wax build up. even though its vinyl, i think it would remove about anything thats there.

  • Bijous Bijous on Dec 21, 2017
    Unless the vinyl is stark white, there is really nothing that will remove the yellow. It has been absorbed by the vinyl. If the vinyl is stark white, you can try soaking paper towels in hydrogen peroxide and put over the yellow. Put plastic wrap over the towels to keep them damp. Tape down. Leave for at least 12 hours. Remove and see if the yellow has mellowed or been removed. If mellowed, the replace towels and wait another 12.