How to get rid of returning caulking mold in all ceramic shower?

Though the white caulking around the floor edges of our all ceramic shower remain clean looking for a couple of days (after using different cleaning products, including bleach), the mold always returns, making it appear unclean and uncared for. Is replacing the caulking our only option? And what product should we use to keep that from happening again & so rapidly?
q how to get rid of returning caulking mold in all ceramic shower
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  • Shui Shui on Jan 02, 2018

  • Wipe down with vinegar instead. Vinegar kills mold spores, bleach does not.

    • Carla Vickery Rudichuk Carla Vickery Rudichuk on Jan 06, 2018
      Yes, and peroxide or tea tree oil will kill it, too. Keep a spray bottle of your choice of mold killer in the shower and spray it regularly.

      If you have shower rails you'll want to have a squeeze bottle to squirt water in the rails and an old toothbrush to scrub them. Then squirt the rinse water.

      I also keep a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the shower and wipe down the walls regularly (one wall per day and repeat). The shower stays clean.

  • Mogie Mogie on Jan 02, 2018
    Perhaps you don't have good ventilation in your bathroom. I like to wipe down my shower using the towel I dried off with. That would help eliminate the moisture problem somewhat.

  • Christine Carere Christine Carere on Jan 02, 2018
    You have mold on the drywall, so remove the base board and scrub off the mold with bleach water on the drywall and baseboard allow to dry well before sealing with mood resistant caulking.

    • Carla Vickery Rudichuk Carla Vickery Rudichuk on Jan 06, 2018
      Bleach won't kill mold on porous surfaces such as drywall or wood. Must use vinegar, peroxide, tea tree oil or grapefruit seed extract on porous surfaces. The most cost effective is vinegar, but peroxide isn't that far behind and you don't have to deal with the smell.

  • Cristine Schwartzberg Cristine Schwartzberg on Jan 02, 2018
    It sounds like there is mold under the caulk and the existence of the caulk is blocking you from getting to all of the mold. Unfortunately, in my case, I had to strip out all the caulk with this triangle shaped tool, scrub the underneath with heavy duty cleaner and then re-caulk.

    It was time-consuming but not terribly complex. By re-caulking the 50 year old bath, I was able to delay the gut-rehab to that bathroom four years. It took me those years to save up the money to do the rehab.

    • Carla Vickery Rudichuk Carla Vickery Rudichuk on Jan 06, 2018
      You can buy Caulk Remover. The instructions said to let it set two hours. I didn't get back to it till the next day and the caulk came of so easily.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 02, 2018
    Bleach is a good cleaner for this in that it will make it look clean, but it does not kill the mold spores. Vinegar is a good antibacterial and antifungal agent that will kill the mold spores that it is applied to and left to dry. You may never be totally be rid of the mold and mildew because it is the nature of the beast in that it is a frequently wet and warm environment. All you can do is try to keep it at bay when it shows up.

  • DP DP on Jan 03, 2018
    peroxide will kill mold, even black mold just be sure no animals can get to the shower to possibly ingest it.

  • Cam30409563 Cam30409563 on Jan 04, 2018
    I use a squeegee to remove all excess water from the tile walls, shower/tub to help eliminate mold!

  • Laura Skaggs Laura Skaggs on Jan 06, 2018
    Your mold issue will continue to return however unless you deal with the moisture that Is causing it. Proper ventilation is important but may not be the only Culprit. I would be concerned about what is going on under the tile. Mold needs an organic food source also. While bleach may remove the Staining, it will not kill spores. But even if a product is used to kill spores, they travel easily so treating the area where mold was visible is not solving the problem, more like ”out of sight, Out of mind”. It doesn’t matter how often you clean, until the moisture/water issue is resolved, mold will continuously grow back. Also keep in mind that it is Impossible to completely remove mold from your home And there are thousands of varieties. Air sampling can be done to determine the type and concentration of the mold. The outdoor air is also sampled as a control and levels are compared. It is not possible to be 100% spore free.