Make A Natural Air Purifier

3 Materials
5 Minutes

I made these to use up all the lavender stalks that were left over after making lavender sachets. Here’s how you can take that wonderful lavender aroma and turn it into a natural air purifier for every room in your home!

Who needs artificial air fresheners full of toxins when you can lift your mood and create positive energy by making a natural and beneficial air purifier with plants from your garden?

Harvest Lavender

Lavender is relatively hardy plant. We have alkaline soil and lavender seems to have no problem gowing in our garden. I use Lavender for various homemade lotions like my Lavender and Rose salt scrub which you can also see on my blog.

An Ancient form of Aromatherapy

This is probably one of the most ancient forms of aromatherapy! Many people burn herbs in their home as a means of natural purification.

Smudging diffuses negative energy and increases positive energy, use it to cleanse and balance your air, your environment, and your energy!

Cut some lavender

I used lavender stalks leftover from making lavender bags - (see this project on my blog) and tied them together with some dried sage (also from my garden).

When to burn a smudge stick

The dried flower buds of lavender have a light refreshing scent when burned. Lavender can help with finding peace, a restful sleep and a positive state of being. When burned, lavender is said to aid insomnia, depression, grief, sorrow and anxiety.

Sage is known for cleansing and purification and can be used to purify the air before meditation.

10 reasons to burn a smudge stick (I'll bet you never knew)

Check out my blog post to find out when and how you should burn a smudge stick to clear negative energy.


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Suggested materials:

  • Lavender stalks   (Garden)
  • Sage leaves   (Garden)
  • String   (Craft store)

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