What can I use to clean my laptop screen?

Hillela G.
by Hillela G.
I'm scared of damaging it. Thank you so much for your help!
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  • Tammy Maas Tammy Maas on Apr 25, 2017

    You can buy special electronics wipes at mist stores. Or some people use a damp microfiber cloth.

  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Apr 25, 2017

    I use the same cloth that came with my glasses :)

  • Caseyem11 Caseyem11 on Apr 25, 2017

    I use a cleaner made of one part rubbing alcohol to three or four parts water. I lightly spray (just damp, not wet) a microfiber cloth And wipe the screen. I use it on all my electronics.

  • Linda Hunt Linda Hunt on Apr 25, 2017

    My only addition is to stress that you spray your cloth very lightly not your screen. Most important as it can damage if directly put on screen. Caseyem11 has a great recipe there.

  • Hazel Hazel on Apr 25, 2017

    I use a microfibre duster, breath on the screen and gently wipe over with the duster.

  • Melissa Melissa on Apr 25, 2017

    You should use either a specially designed cloth for cleaning laptop screens or the same thing that would be used for glasses.

  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on Apr 25, 2017

    I use pledge multi-surface cleaner for all of our electronic screens . I must stress, as everyone else has, spray on the cloth, then wipe the screen .

  • Susan Susan on Apr 25, 2017

    use a -USED-fabric softener sheet - NOT a new one (too much grease in them)

    --if you have a lot of grime (why would you? - don't TOUCH the screen) anyway, you can spray a tiny bit of 50-50 vinegar-water onto the sheet, to help with stubborn spots . The fabric softener sheet helps with static too.

  • Susan Susan on Apr 25, 2017

    just a few suggestions - GOOGLE IT!

  • Adrian Prince Adrian Prince on Apr 25, 2017

    Use a microfiber cloth with the lens cleaner that I have for my glasses. As long as you spray the cloth and not of surface of the computer, you should be just fine. Cloth should be damp but not wet!!! Good luck...

  • Danielle Odin Danielle Odin on Apr 25, 2017

    Casyem's recipe and use is the ideal. When I was a tech way back when there weren't any ready made solutions and we used alcohol and water. And always and I mean always use lint free material. DO NOT SPRAY THE SCREEN. Spray the cloth and wipe the screen.

  • Willy boy 64 Willy boy 64 on Apr 25, 2017

    You can use glasses cleaner. This is what I do when I clean my screens.

  • Patricia Probasco Patricia Probasco on Apr 25, 2017

    I use hand sanitizer and a clean tissue.

  • Johanna Johanna on Apr 26, 2017

    A drop of dishwasher liquid on a soft cloth.

  • Gau22339224 Gau22339224 on Apr 26, 2017

    Damp microfiber cloth.

  • Elaine Elaine on Apr 26, 2017

    I just wipe with a damp cloth then buff with a clean dry cloth. If you decide to use a spray type cleaner, such as Windex, remember to spray the cloth then wipe; never ever spray the screen.

  • Taylor1277 Taylor1277 on Apr 26, 2017

    Well this might not clean your screen, but it is a great little tool to have when you are cleaning your laptop, it is called Toddler Keys. TK, google it. and this will the last time I reply on this website. The comment section keeps reverting back to the beginning of the comments section and you can't hit backspace to delete a wrong entry, what a piece of crap

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Dec 10, 2023

    I use a wet wipe and a soft cloth.

  • Dee Dee on Dec 10, 2023

    I use a microfier cloth sprayed with Lens cleaner for eye glasses. Do not wet the screen down, just wipe with the cloth.