DIY Polka Dot Placemats in 15 Minutes

Does anyone else find that placemats can be boring sometimes? I think that maybe twice in my life have I found placemats that I just loved. And sometimes, placemats are just so expensive. I found the solution to both problems. I made my own DIY placemats with adorable polka dots in about 15 minutes and for under $15.
These placemats can easily be dressed up or down depending on your occasion.
To cut out the squares, I traced a 16 x 16 photo frame onto the back of the oilcloth fabric and then cut them out.
I made two sets of placemats - one set that are just the plain squares and another set with these cute little bows on the top.

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  • Lynne Lynne on Apr 25, 2014
    i love polka dots..the placemats are so cute..i have been winting to make placemats, because i can never find anything i like at the right price..thanks for the idea
    • Rai144661 Rai144661 on Apr 25, 2014
      @Lynne Thanks, Lynne! These were super easy and there are so many different patterns of oilcloth to choose from!