Create a Blooming Branch Centerpiece for Easter

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Make an easy centerpiece for your Easter table using blooming branches from your trees or shrubs!
I love to add a little bit of nature for a spring or Easter table. For an easy centerpiece, I filled a glass vase with jelly beans that look like speckled eggs. 
You'll need two vases, one smaller vase to "nest" inside a larger vase and some candy. The candy will conceal your stems.
Center a smaller vase inside a larger vase and place your jelly beans or candy of your choice between the walls of your vases. Easter candy is already on sale or stock up at the dollar store to fill your vase. I saved my candy from last year’s centerpiece with tulips to use again this year.
Fill your inner vase with water and add some blooming branches. I used a combination of Dogwood and plum tree branches that were blooming. Depending on when Easter falls and where your live, use what's available that's in bloom. Forsythia branches or the pink blooms of a Redbud or Cherry tree would be beautiful in a vase as a centerpiece. If you don't have access to blooming branches, use faux floral branches.
I added a few colored faux Easter eggs to tuck in among the branches and around the base of the centerpiece.
I also like to save my egg shells as mini vases for the table for spring or Easter! Use the edge of a table knife to tap the egg to crack it near the small end of the egg, rotating it as you go until you’ve made a circle all the way around the egg. Carefully remove the circle of shell, including any lose or stray pieces of shell. Pour out your egg (for your recipe or breakfast) and rinse well. Place your egg shell vase in a decorative egg cup, adding water, then your flowers. I cut some azalea blooms from the shrubs and added some plum blossoms.
More photos and table details at the blog link below. Wishing you a Happy Easter!
Suggested materials:
  • Small glass vase   (had, Dollar Tree)
  • Larger glass vase   (had, Target)
  • Jelly beans   (Walmart)
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  • Polly Smith Polly Smith on Mar 23, 2018

    You can also use little speckled plastic eggs to go inside the vase. Get at most crafts stores or places like Dollar Tree, Wal Mary.