Anyone want to share their Halloween decorations?

I am still working on this years. We get about 40 trick or treaters. So I like to decorate for them.
q anyone want to share their halloween decorations
q anyone want to share their halloween decorations
q anyone want to share their halloween decorations
q anyone want to share their halloween decorations
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  • I have done almost nothing this year and spending my $$$ on candy as 500 kids is the norm in my neighborhood. Candy isn't cheap even when purchased at Costco and Sam's Club. So far I have 7 tubs of pretzels, 5 dozen Halloween pencils, 5 dozen erasers and 12 dozen stickers, Charlie Brown rocks, and 4 bags of Sam's Club bags of candy - I go by "piece" count on the candy bags since I get so many kids. I need another 4 bags of candy at least, will have to see what is left at as they are often sold out by now.

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    • Ellis Ellis on Oct 22, 2017
      Wow, Naomie, what fun. We're lucky to get a couple of dozen kids. My favorites are the littlest ones, all wide-eyed and all dressed up.

      With all those trick-or-treaters, no wonder you don't need decorations. I put decorations up to let the kids know they can ring the doorbell!

      My favorite decorations are a scarecrow/broom that I hang on the door, and a ceramic pumpkin from Lowes--I just put a battery operated candle in it.

  • Kba28478716 Kba28478716 on Oct 21, 2017
    Click on this link and the Halloween projects on hometalk will appear before your eyes!

  • Emily Emily on Oct 21, 2017
    Whoo o, that is a lot. I buy candy at our discount store. Bagged so many per bag. Never thought of buying other things but did thing of inserting a small toy in each bag, which I have from another project and got a toy motorcycle guy at our swap shop so that is a source too. I think I spend about $30. There must be a lot of houses in your area. Pop of my town is only 9K

    • They bus them in from other parts of the county and since I am a flatlander, other people come here for the fun festive family friendly easy to walk neighborhood. I need to have treats for those that can't have candy for whatever reason. When I moved out here 30 years ago it was tiny, maybe 2,500, now well over 20,000 - time to move again! I spend at least $200, if not more. Going to keep my receipts and add them up to see what the final tally really is. Will drag out some old decor from the garage the weekend before, still hot here, expecting another heatwave with several days 100+ - not very "fallish" weather!

  • Jan Jan on Oct 21, 2017
    I have a mailbox /post on the road. Put a fake pumpkin at the bottom as a planter for a mum. I cut the pumpkin so it sits around 3 sides of the post. Then a cornstalk with a garland of fall leaves thru it is against the back of the post. Since we get mostly tiny kids we cut back on the scary decorations. This year we have a skeleton wearing Mickey Mouse ears, walking a skeleton dog who's tag reads "Pluto. If found, please return to Mickey Mouse ". Second skeleton wearing blinking pumpkin antennae will be holding a lantern and sitting at a table with us. (We sit outside since our porch is small and the storm door swings outward.) Some flashing eyes in our bushes. Other subtle decorations include a metal Jack o lantern stake in a garden bed, a square metal Jack o lantern with an outdoor candle in it on our porch. And a "boo " sign in the bay window.