How can I make DIY airplane wings for a horse costume?

Make airplane wings for a horse costume.

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  • Here is a video on how to make cardboard aeroplane wings

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Oct 18, 2019
    I would buy 4sheets of.white foamboard from Dollar Tree or Walmart. Make a simple pattern on newspaper and trace one half wing on each foam board. Cut out the four pieces—they should be identical. Put two in a stack for each wing. Glue small pieces of styrofoam to the inside if each pair to create the thickness you want for each wing. Use Duck Tape or another vinyl tape around the edges of each wing. The wings will be lightweight, so you can punch a hole or two in matching spaces through which you run a yard or less of sewing elastic, then tie the elastic ends in a knot to both attach the wings together and to create handles for the flying horse to hold. You could add sparkly tassels or red coffee creamer engines to the wings. Don’t add obstructions to the eyes, mouth, or shoes for safety sake. Jewell