My Changeable "Holiday"- Old Frame & Mesh Display.

I love the old frame and chicken wire look, so I just thought of one I could make and use all year round. I will have it ready to decorate for any purpose. My new project.
Thanksgiving decoration / to hang up.
I just finished this, not sure if this is how I will leave it. Still playing around with it.

Didn't get it done in time for Halloween but I will have it for next year! This will hang over the fireplace for now but can hang anywhere and can be used for many uses.
I had a 1 old frame painted black and white.
Took the old frame and sanded it to give it an older look. Took a" mesh "not chicken wire, it had a smaller closer tightness. Also had some lighter more festive burlap, which had some sparkle in it.
Up closer to see detail.
I stapled the mesh wire into the frame. Then pulled the burlap tight over the back leaving a space between the two, so decorations or whatever can be hooked on and off. Depending the use or the holiday.
Changed out the turkey, one was made from doily's (different) and then just the original old turkey. I put little hooks on most things or have clothespins. The ribbons you can wined in and out, what you can do is countless.
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