Make Your Own Fabulous 3D Map Stars With This Free Printable

1 Hour
These Map Stars make a fantastic Christmas decoration. You can either make them with the free map provided or customise your own.
All you need to make these map stars is some heavy weight paper, a printer, scissors, glue and of course the free template. The template is free to download from here
First print out your map stars template with the map provided or customise your own. If using your own maps you will need to scan these into your computer first, print and then use this paper to print the blank template onto.
The map stars are made up of 2 shapes an icosahedron; a 20 sided base and 20 tall pyramids.
Make the icosahedron; cut out the net and score the bold lines using a blunt knife and ruler. Your shape should easily fold up into this 20 sided ball, put glue on all the tabs as you fold it into shape.
Next to make the 20 points of the stars cut out the pyramid nets.
Fold the pyramids into shape and glue along the long tab.
Using the 3 smaller tabs on the base of the pyramid glue them one by one to the icosahedron base.
When all 20 pyramids are glued to the base your star is finished.
I love these 3D Map Stars they make for a great Christmas decoration, you can hang them from the ceiling with just a bit of thread and a pin. The map prints add interest to the decoration. As already mentioned you can use the free blank star template to create a 3D Map star of your own design. Living in Bedford I decided to one from a local map. Full details and downloads can be found on my blog.
Claire at Pillarboxblue
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