I Love Making Things for My Pets!!!

I'm just starting. The first thing I did was a lived edge feeding station
e love doing thing for pets
I just loved doing this so much that on wednesday I purchased to foot stools and I'm working on them to make other feeding stations and with the cushions I want to make dog or cat beds.I've already undone them and put the cushions away for later
e love doing thing for pets
I've already undone these and put aside the cushions for later project "making beds"
e love doing thing for pets
Now I have 2 bases. One I just have to make the holes for the bowls, and the other I will have to get a live edge plank to make a feeding station with, I'm in for a lot of FUN FUN FUN!!!

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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 10, 2017
    Love these!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • How darn cute! I bought a simple one a few years back and for my crew it is only good for water bowls. I do not have enough room for 3 of these for the different height dogs. Great share! People with less dogs will love to make these.

    • Monique Daviau Monique Daviau on Feb 10, 2017
      Sure it can be done with 3 bowls and different hights, Iwill try it one day, could you give me an idea of what kind of dogs, just so I can make a plan

  • Oh you are too sweet! Thanks SO MUCH, but they can't be fed together. I have a procedure I go through to feed them. Being all rescues, they came to me with a variety of personality traits but eating together is not in the cards for us. Thanks again for offering, that means a lot! You are a good person! ☺