Is there a way to have my cats go out of an arcadia sliding door and

I want a cat door to lead immediately into a large cage where there cat boxes will be stored. I've seen it in 2 houses I;ve been in with 2 or more cats. It may be custom I don't know. Anyone know how to do it?

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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 05, 2017
    You can buy Cat Flaps and fit them yourself.......

  • Karen Ballou Karen Ballou on Oct 05, 2017
    One of my neighbors when I lived in California had a cat flap through a wall, with a chicken wire enclosed raceway that went to a gazebo that was screened in with chicken wire, had a screeendoor in the gazebi so she could join them if she wanted to.

  • Where does the sliding door lead to? Does anyone else ever use the same door? I believe it can be done, but might be a custom or semi custom installation. I really like Karen's suggestion, reminds me of a "chunnel - chicken run." Is there any way you can post a photo? I have 6 cats with a kitty door into my garage where their boxes are.

    • Jop29672849 Jop29672849 on Oct 09, 2017
      It is a sliding arcadia door that leads to a covered patio. I could put a cat door in the arcadia but there has to be a covered cage for them to go into or they can get out and lost. Lost cats don't make it back in our neighborhood. I wish we could do what you did, but our garage is not attached.

  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 05, 2017
    Called a catio these days.....
    cat flaps.... they have lots of types including the full glass panels next to sliders, or the little cat doors through the bottom of your door or wall, I've even seen them in windows...
    catio.... simple slider door...

  • 27524803 27524803 on Oct 05, 2017
    We have a screened in patio, where we keep the cat box, our 5 cats have access thru a window that opens onto the patio. My husband cut a piece of plywood the size of the opening when the window is open, and then put a doggie/cat door with a clear flap, into the plywood which was secured in the window with screws..our windows are low.. but he put a small landing (using a 2in X 6in piece of wood and shelf brackets) on both sides of the window to help the cats come and go. He also built a "bench" with a access hole at both ends, and wire mesh across the front to house the cat box. We use a big cement mixing pan for the cat litter and have another "Rubbermaid" deck box with a flip up lid to hold extra litter and the scoops.
    If you do not yet have a cage a 10ft X10ft wire covered dog run would be a start place it outside a window, use a small doggie door so they can come and go... install shelves and perches... maybe a piece of tree for climbing... rippled fiberglass would shield against rain and a Rubbermaid patio deck box (around $80 at Lowe's etc) could house the litter and boxes.. with some alterations for access. The deck boxes usually have a flip top lid for access to clean the cat boxes... Your kitties would love it... ours sure do... and they are safe from traffic, and coyotes (the reason we screened the patio)