11 Glass Gem Crafts & DIY Decor Ideas For Your Home

Glass gems, those little treasures you might use as vase filler, hold a surprising amount of potential. These versatile stones come in a kaleidoscope of colors and sizes, and can be used to make all kinds of glass gem crafts and home decor.

So, gather your glass gems and prepare to be amazed! We'll explore a variety of inspiring projects from our Hometalk community and show you exactly how to bring these ideas to life.

Let's get crafting!

Bag of glass gems

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What are glass gems?

Glass gems, also known as vase fillers, cabochons, flat marbles, glass stones, and glass pebbles, are decorative accents used in a variety of ways. Typically made from clear or colored glass, they add a touch of sparkle and elegance to floral arrangements.

Their smooth, non-porous surface makes them ideal for holding stems upright and preventing water from becoming cloudy.

Beyond floral displays, glass gems can be used as table scatters, fillers for aquariums or decorative bowls, or even craft embellishments

Where to buy glass gems

Glass gems are typically easy to find. Retail giants like Walmart and Amazon offer a wide selection online, with options for every size, color, and quantity. Craft stores are another great option, and Dollar Tree or other dollar stores usually have some in stock as well.

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What kind of glue should I use to apply glass gems?

The best glue for your glass gems depends on the project and desired finish. For a strong, clear bond that dries fast, consider clear Gorilla Glue or E6000. These are great for most applications.

If you're working on a delicate surface or want a repositionable option, a craft glue formulated for jewelry making might be a better choice. Always test the glue on a scrap surface first to ensure compatibility and desired drying time.

Glass gem crafts

Glass gems aren't just for filling vases anymore. With a little creativity, they become the stars of imaginative DIY crafts. Here's a selection of our favorite glass gem crafts featured on Hometalk:

1. Mosaic a backsplash for your bathroom

Jumping in the depend with a big DIY project for a bathroom renovation, Hometalker Alicia W demonstrates how you can use glass gems to create a colorful backsplash for your bathroom. She loved the look so much that she continued to do the entire wall:

Glass gem backsplash by Alicia W
Glass gem mosaic accent wall by Alicia W

2. Glass gem magnets

Changing gears to something much simpler, blogger Maura White glues a small magnet to the back of her glass gems. Then, she can use them as decorative magnets on her fridge or elsewhere:

Glass gem magnets by Maura White

3. Mosaic art

For another mosaic-inspired idea, Hometalkers Rob & Courtney M created an 'M' using glass gems and an old window frame. The result is a unique and grout-less mosaic for their home:

Glass gem mosaic art by Rob & Courtney M

4. Mosaic a tabletop

Sticking with the mosaic theme, blogger Ann shows just how easy it is to mosaic a tabletop with blue glass gems:

Mosaic tabletop with glass gems by Ann

5. Mosaic planter

You could even mosaic a cookie tin to create a cool succulent planter, just like Shawna Bailey:

6. Embellish candleholders

We love how Toni Scott-Daniel adorns glass candleholders with gems to create a stunning effect with light:

7. Glass gem garden gazing balls

You can also use glass gems outside to craft garden gazing balls, like blogger Time With Thea:

Glass gem garden gazing ball by Time With Thea

8. Glass gem suncatcher

Elsewhere outside, blogger Susan Myers has a trick for using glass gems, yogurt pot lids, and Elmer's Glue to craft DIY suncatchers:

Glass gem suncatcher by Susan Myers

9. Create an accent wall

Moving away from the typical blue glass gems, blogger Dianna Wood created a unique mural in her home using decoupaged Bible verses and glass gems:

Glass gem mural by Dianne Wood

10. Embellished luminaries

Another great way to use glass gems is on lights and lanterns, as the gems really shine and sparkle. Blogger My Sweet Home used a glass jar, a solar light, and some glass gems to craft this colorful luminary:

Solar lantern by My Sweet Home

11. Glass gem Christmas trees

Finally, you can also use glass gems in your holiday decor! We love Hometalker Holly Grace's idea of using glass gems to create Christmas trees for her festive decor:

Glass gem Christmas trees by Holly Grace

More glass gem crafts

What did you think of these craft ideas - did any of them surprise you? Let us know how you use glass gems in your DIY projects in the comments below:

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