DIY Boho-Inspired Holiday Stars

2 Materials
10 Minutes
These holiday stars are super simple and essentially free to make. I like to use them as little Christmas touches throughout my house, as an ornament on our tree and even as part of a holiday center piece.
When I opened those beloved Christmas boxes to decorate this year , I pulled out all sorts of treasures that I love putting up each year. But, I also sorted through a pile that I will be donating to Goodwill. I don’t know if it’s the fact that my style has evolved over time or that our new house and space demands new items, but I wanted to freshen things up a bit. Last year we moved in just a few weeks before Christmas with a colicky newborn and strong-willed toddler, so we essentially only had a borrowed pre-lit Christmas tree in our house for celebration purposes. No time for anything fancy!

In a question of what to add and where, I decided to make these super simple holiday stars as one piece of the new puzzle. They are essentially free and add a rustic yet eclectic beauty to our holiday décor. I LOVE them.

DIY Boho-Inspired Holiday Stars

Supplies: Sticks & yarn or twine

1. Gather sticks or small branches from your yard. If you don’t have any, I’m sure your neighbor won’t mind if you pick up a few from their yard.

2. Decide approximately how big you would like each star to be and break the sticks into 5 pieces accordingly.
3. Lay out the pieces to form a star along the way to have a better visual on the final product. These don’t have to be perfectly even.
Once you have a star laid out, take two pieces and overlap the ends. Wrap and tie your yarn or twine to secure them in place. They should be tight but adjustable.
4. Add the next stick and wrap + tie the overlapped ends together. Adjust the points of the star along the way to keep your shape. Don’t worry if it seems too lopsided, it will balance out each time you add a side to the star.
5. Continue until you have all 5 points of the star wrapped and tied together.
6. Trim any ends of the yarn or twine that are sticking out.
7. Add a long piece of yarn or twine to the top point and tie or hang it up.
I’ve added these to a wall hanging and on framed pictures in our living room. You could use these as ornaments, add them to a wreath or even include a few as part of a holiday centerpiece. This is a quick and easy activity that even kids would enjoy. Show me your finished product if you try it out — I’d love to see!
Suggested materials:
  • Sticks   (My yard)
  • Yarn   (Michaels)
In Wild Hearts
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  • Deborah Lee Deborah Lee on Dec 10, 2016
    Rustic organic chic - love it! Great idea! You could make all kinds of artistic seasonal pieces, or letters to spell out inspirational words or names. Well done! Enjoy your Holidays!

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  • Cathy Lallis Cathy Lallis on Dec 13, 2016
    Cute! I was gonna save to Christmas on my pinterest but thought maybe 4th of July and find red, white and blue string or yarn. Thanks!!!

  • Angel Carter Angel Carter on Dec 13, 2016
    So adorable! May I ask, is the multi-colored wall in the last pic a project you did yourself? (looks like stone maybe??)...thanks! :)

    • In Wild Hearts In Wild Hearts on Dec 13, 2016
      Hi! I wish I could say it was a project I did, but it was just the stone I selected for our fireplace while building our house :)