DIY Mini Wood Ladders With Holiday Decorations

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I recently decided to create two mini ladders. This came to mind when I was going through my craft supplies, and came across a few of my holiday decorations that was stashed away from previous crafts. I figured I would come up with something fun, and this would give me a chance to add more decorations in our home.

This craft takes about an hour to create. Between the painting, and a few cuts having to be made, and gluing the dowels together.

If you're ready to start creating, come along, and create these two mini wood ladders with me.

Hello everyone, I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded with love ones, and just a time to really focus on what you are most thankful for. I am extremely thankful for my family, and our health. I am also so very thankful to be able to share my DIY projects with all of you. I really enjoy sharing, and I appreciate all of you.

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Materials list

White paint

English Ivy Green- 0.50 (Purchased at Walmart)

Wood Dowels (Pack of 10) $1.97 (Purchased at Walmart)

Hot Glue (Or you can use Wood glue, or a heavy duty adhesive)

Paint brush

Holiday greenery/ Decorations/ Berries/ Mini wreath


Ribbon Trim/Rope- $3.44 (Walmart)

I used one ornament word tag ( 1 set $1.98 at Walmart)

Craft jingle bells

Mini Ornaments ($3.98 at Walmart)

Craft clothespins


Creating your mini wood ladders

Start with taking three dowels and cutting them in half. You will end up with six halves. You will need a total of four dowels which will be the sides of your ladders. You will not need to cut the four dowels.

Next, take your paint and apply it to all dowel rods. For this project I wanted one of my ladders to be white, and the other I wanted a green color. I went with a color called English Ivy Green. You can go with any paint color of your choice.

Once you have applied paint to all dowel rods, set it aside and allow it to completely dry. Once all wood dowel rods are dry, you are now ready to start putting your ladders together.

I did notice that using just hot glue for this project was definitely not the best choice. I ended up applying a second adhesive with my hot glue. This really seemed to help, and made everything secure. Keep in mind that you can also use wood glue for this project. You will want to allow the glue to completely dry before adding on any decorations.

Take the three of the cut dowel rods, and add them between the two longer dowels. Once you have positioned the three rods, and spaced them exactly where you want them to be, you can now apply your adhesive.

When applying your adhesive apply it to the ends of your cut pieces, and glue the rod between the two longer rods. You will repeat this for the next two pieces. Once you have done this, you will have completed putting together your ladder.

When creating your second ladder, you will repeat all of the steps mentioned above.

Decorating the white ladder

I wanted to create a holiday theme. So I went with a few holiday decorations. Using some twine, take your bells, and string them across. I decided to tie the ends of my twine around the top section of my white ladder. I wanted to be able to easily remove any of my holiday decorations if I decided to change the theme of my ladders.

Take your cut rope, and ornament word tag, apply a small amount of glue on the back side of the tag, and add it onto your rope. Tie the ends of your rope onto your ladder. This will be just like the bells. They will loop across your ladder.

Next, take your greenery, berries, and twine, and add them onto the bottom section of your ladder. I went ahead the tied some twin around my greenery, and berries, and then I tied them around the bottom section of my ladder.

Decorating the green ladder

Start by gluing some craft clothespins on the top section of your ladder.

Next, take some twine, and string some mini ornaments across your twine. I added the ends of the twine on each clothespin, and looped it across the top section of my ladder.

Take your mini wreath and add on berries, and some greenery. I ended up gluing my berries, and greenery on my mini wreath. I just hung it over the top section of my ladder.

Add some greenery, and twine with other assorted decorations and tie it off on the bottom of your ladder. I used greenery with some pinecones attached to it.

Your ladders are now complete, and ready to be added to your holiday decor. I decided to add my green ladder near my fireplace, and my white ladder was added in my kitchen on one of my wood trays.

I love how they turned out, and it was so simple to create. I hope that you enjoyed this DIY project. Let me know in the comments below if you'll be creating your very own.

I'll see you soon!

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Suggested materials:
  • White paint
  • English Ivy Green paint   (Walmart)
  • Hot glue, or any adhesive
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  • Deb55097247 Deb55097247 on Dec 09, 2021

    Hi! You are so talented! I have been looking for some smaller ladders like this but have not found exactly what I wanted. Thanks to you now I can make them!

    I have everything on hand can't wait to try. Thanks again, keep the ideas coming!!

  • Stephanie Stephanie on Dec 09, 2021


    thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it, and it put a smile on my face. I'm so happy to hear that you'll be able to create your very own mini ladders. It makes me so happy to be able to share my creations with everyone. Again, thank you so much. ☺️