Wintry Snow Trees

I love setting up wintry scenes at Christmas time so I envisioned a neat way to make all natural trees!
At your local craft store are these cardboard tree shaped tubes. They can be bought alone or are inside all cotton skeins of yarn.
Materials needed: Cones, pine cones, hot glue gun, spray adhesive, and confectionary sugar.
Hot Glue from bottom up
Starting at the bottom, glue individual stems from pine cones that you can break off by hand. Do one row at a time.
I glued each row spaced over one so they have original look of a pine cone!
Continue gluing all the way to the top of the cone. When finished, spray the tree with "spray adhesive" and then using a sifter....sprinkle confectionary sugar on tree! When dry, I followed up with a coat of polyurethane! Now I have natural snow trees for my Christmas Villages!
All ready!!
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