High-end Boho Style Tray Using 2 Dollar Tree Items

2 Materials
15 Minutes

The Boho style has become more and more popular in fact it is one of the most trending styles out right now. Today I am showing you all how I made this High-end Boho Tray using.... well you already know because well it says in it the title lol. And the Best part is it only cost $2 or $2.50 depending if your Dollar Tree has raised their prices yet. I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY THIS TUTORIAL!icon

Dollar Tree Rectangular Charger Plate

You only need 2 things to make this Gorgeous Tray. (other than paint & glue) One being a Rectangular Charger Plate from Dollar Tree.

And the other being one of these Wood Toy Snakes from Dollar Tree. YES you read that right a Toy Snake.

First paint the Rectangular Charger Plate white. I used Waverly Chalk Paint but I am sure just about any paint will work. You can also add thin layer of Mod Podge over the white paint so there is no possibility of chipping and your Tray will last for years to come.

Next I used a paper towel and added some destressing to the Tray using the Waverly Antiquing Wax. Any type of Brown paint will also do.

Lightly Dip the paper towel into the Antiquing Wax or Brown paint. Dab it onto another paper towel so you don't add to much onto the tray. You just want it to looked Destressed not completely brown.

Once you have the Tray part done now you can move onto the toy snake.

  • First I stained the snake using the same Waverly Antiquing Wax. Again Brown paint will also work. Just use the paint as if it were a stain. Paint the snake then wip it down with a paper towel.
  • Next find the middle of the snake and cut the snake in half. I used a ruler to make sure it was correct.

Also cutting off the head of the snake

As well as the Tail of the snake.

Now you should have to equal parts of the Toy Snake.

I used some sand paper to sand down any ruff edges. Mainly only where we cut the snake.

Using my Hot Glue gun, I added hot glue on each of the ends of the snake piece. I would also recommend 8-600 glue again so that the Tray will last for a very long time.

Once you have the glue on the snake parts, Simply curve the snake piece and place them at each ends of the Rectangular Charger Plate.

And Now your Boho Tray is complete and its time to Decorate. My favorite part. lol

I absolutely love how this Boho Tray turned out. I think this would also look amazing other colors as well. I hope you all enjoyed this quick and easy DIY tutorial as much as I enjoy sharing it with you all!


Suggested materials:
  • Rectangular Charger Plate   (Dollar Tree)
  • Wood Toy Snake   (Dollar Tree)
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