Easy DIY Pumpkins With Macrame Cord & Ice Cream

1 Hour
As I sat down to watch the latest episode of Biggest Loser on dvr the other night, I looked around the house and realized that I really have a lot of pumpkins in my living room. This inspired me to do a quick post about one of my favorites...the for So I put down my bowl of ice cream, turned off the tv and got to it. Tonight's exercise after a long physical day at work?....TYPING! Before you judge, I looked up how many calories you burn from typing. According to About.com's calorie counter, you burn 105 calories per hour typing. This post would need to be 13 feet long to burn off the bowl of Ben & Jerry's in my freezer.
Simply take one of these pumpkins.
Hot glue macrame cording (or twine, or rope or yarn or whatever you have on hand) around the entire pumpkin - starting from the top and working in concentric circles all the way down to the bottom.
Add a few more rows down on the bottom to give it a sturdier base to stand on.
Next, add some floral wire to the the stem to give it more depth and shape.
Then wrap the stem and bend it to the shape desired. THAT IS IT!! Now enjoy your new creation {or eat a bowl of ice cream while watching The Biggest Loser. No regrets, it was yummy.} Be proud of yourself, you have accomplished something in an hour!

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