Asked on May 05, 2019

How do I attach vinyl letters to barn wood?

Barb Jett
by Barb Jett

I am making a Crossroads sign for my yard and I want to put the words on the Barnwood on the planks. Any suggestions how to secure vinyl letters to Barnwood or does anyone know where I can print selncils and paint letters? For instance I'm doing a Cubs theme the one board will say Wrigley Field 200 Mi with an arrow. PLEASE HELP!

This is the what I want attached the letters to or like I said if anyone has a website or a suggestion how to print stencils for a whole thing not just individual letters cuz it'll be so hard to make the letters straight.

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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on May 05, 2019

    Hello there, Try the Stationers or Craft shop for stencils, or draw onto Cardboard or Craft stencil plastic, and use a craft knife to cut the letters out, or why not use a Permanent Marker Pen to do the job after you have written in Freehand with Pencil?

    Maybe it shouldn't look perfect - more rustic?

  • I would do a stencil with paint. If it's outdoors the vinyl won't last. You can get stencils at Michaels or Joanne.

  • Gk Gk on May 05, 2019

    From personal experience vinyl letters don't stick well to barn wood even if you paint the barn wood. They eventually peel and curl up and even if you try to use poly over them it doesn't work very well. If you own or know someone who has a Cricut you can make your own stencils, you can have custom stencils made--check out Etsy, or you can buy alphabet stencils at your local craft stores. If you buy alphabet stencils try to find the stencils that are cut from clear plastic. It makes letter placement so much easier because you can see through the stencil--unlike cardboard stencils. Alphabet stencils come in different sizes and fonts.

  • Judy Judy on May 05, 2019

    I would suggest painting them. The vinyl most likely won’t stick since it is not smooth.

  • Pamela Pamela on May 06, 2019

    If you are going to glue vinyl letters use E6000 . Then after you are done I would use a clear coat meant for outdoor use.

    As other have said , I don't know how well it will hold up to the elements...

    I used craft paint on mine , I used old pallet wood , cut the one end to a point. Then I painted it all white , the I painted the edges black , I was going for the Irish or European style mile markers. I picked out towns where family members lived and placed them on the branched of a dead shrub , by my from door.

  • Mogie Mogie on May 06, 2019

    Amazon has a very big selection and they are delivered to your door!