A Tisket, A Tasket, I SPiT on My Basket With Cotton Swabs!

3 Materials
2 Days
I picked up 2 older dull and dirty Peterboro Basket Co. baskets at Salvation Army for $4.99 each. They've been in my craft closet waiting for a transformation.
The final basket with the wood grain aged.
I wiped the basket with a damp towel to get surface dirt off and very lightly sanded to rough it up a bit, then I wiped it down again to get the dust off it.
Unicorn SPiT colors and Cotton Swabs
I used a small chisel point brush to apply Unicorn SPiT that had been diluted 50/50 with water. I used "Molly Red Pepper" and "White Ning." After the paint was dry, I sprayed clear lacquer on the basket to seal the Unicorn SPiT in. My basket looked nice and bright at this stage.
Red and White all over, sealed with Lacquer
I loved the colors, but wanted the wood grain to pop out more especially on the white areas.
I got out the "Weathered Daydream" Unicorn SPit. I diluted a small amount 50/50 with water. I also grabbed some cotton swaps and a second container with a small amount of water. I first tried using a bit of a rag, and it was ok, but not good at getting in all the corners and crevices, that's when I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the cotton swabs!
Applying SPiT with cotton swab
I brushed the Weathered Daydream on with one end of the cotton swab. Covering a few sections of white and red at a time.
I dipped the clean end of the cotton swab in water, tapped it on a rag to get the excess out and gently wiped some of the Weathered Daydream away. I wanted just to accentuate the grain detail. When I achieved the look I was going for, I used spray lacquer once more to seal the Weathered Daydream SPiT.
I really love the way the wood grain pops now, especially on the white areas. I have so many plans for this basket, bar-be-ques, tailgate parties, buffets, yarn storage, flowers! Holiday displays.... Maybe I should SPiT the second basket to match, or contrast with different colors so I have a spare!
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn Spit   (http://unicornspit.com)
  • Peterboro basket   (Salvation Army)
  • Cotton Swabs   (I had these on hand.)
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