Craft Crush: DIY Mason Jar Candle Holder

If you feel like getting crafty, but don’t have a lot of free time, look no further! This DIY project is easy, quick and will satisfy your crafting-craving: mason jar candleholders.
For this project, you’ll need:
mason jars
thick Painter’s tape
X-ACTO knife
spray paint (color of your choice)
tea candles
pen or marker (to draw your shapes)
scrap cardboard
1. Draw, Cut and Trace Your Design
Tear off a large strip of painter’s tape and carefully place it on a hard surface, such as the lid of your mason jar. Then, using a pen or marker, draw a fun design. We kept it simple with geometric shapes and the word “Yo.” With your X-ACTO knife, carefully cut around the design.
2. Place Painter’s Tape on Your Jar
Peel away any excess tape from your shape or word. Then, firmly place the shape on your mason jar. This is the area that will be kept free of spray paint.
3. Spray Paint
Place your jar on your scrap cardboard and spray paint in a well-ventilated area. Try to spray as evenly as possible. Then, let the jar dry for at least 3 hours or however long the instruction on the paint can suggest.
4. Remove Painter’s Tape
Once the spray paint has completely dried, you’ll need to remove the remaining painter’s tape from your jar. Using your X-ACTO knife, carefully pry up the corner of each shape or design and slowly peel off the tape.
5. Add Tea Candles
Place a tea candle inside your new mason jar votive and decorate your home with them. That’s it!
We love this simple DIY because it’s easy to personalize. Use chalkboard paint instead of spray paint, or try baby food jars for a mini-votive. Add baker’s twine, make a heart shape or even sprinkle with glitter as your spray paint is drying!

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