Easy Makeover Idea: Change Your Address Numbers

We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with the look of your house, but every once in awhile, a small makeover can go a long way. To refresh your look, you don’t need to shell out big money for a gardening crew or a painting company. Instead, try this: Change your address numbers!
A new number is like a fresh coat of lipstick. It doesn’t change everything, but it makes a big difference!
When you change your digits, keep the following things in mind:
Use Numbers that are at Least 3-6 inches Tall
If your home’s address number isn’t visible from the main road (or it’s too small to read), the police and fire department won’t be able to find your house in an emergency! Seconds and minutes can make a huge difference in these dangerous situations, so protect your family by making sure your home is easy to identify.
Choose a Contrasting Color
Choose a color that contrasts with the exterior of your house. That way, the numbers will be more visible at night or in a storm.
Think Outside the Design Box
Instead of buying numbers for $10 apiece, try buying a set of 5,000 nails for $15. Find a font you like on your word processor, enlarge it and then print it out. Tape your numbers to your door or wall, and then hammer your nails into the paper. Once your numbers are filled in, pull out the paper. If you can’t remove all of the paper it’s okay, one rainstorm will take care of the rest! Tip: Spray paint the nails a contrasting color (before you add them to your home) to make them more visible. http://bit.ly/1uflYeG

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