Frugal Farmhouse-Style Light Transformation

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For under $40, this kitchen light went from 'blah' to Farmhouse-Trendy in just a few simple steps!
Using an inexpensive exterior wall lantern and a piece of faux copper ceiling panel (both found at The Home Depot), you can easily transform any space with this farmhouse trendy lighting look!
Gather your supplies (I found all of these at our local Home Depot - I am sure most larger hardware stores will carry comparable items)

Wall Lantern, Faux Copper Ceiling Tile, Adhesive, Utility Knife and a Straight Edge.

~After removing the existing light fixture, I cut the Ceiling Panel in 3 pieces per the measurement of my area I was covering. The reason for this step was to easily cover the hole from the previous light that was originally located above the sink. The panel was extremely easy to cut with a straight-edged ruler and a utility knife. I attached it using the adhesive as well as a few brad nails~
Now for the lighting. For safety and comprehension purposes, I am quoting more detailed directions sourced here:
These are the same instructions used for this project. In the picture above, the previous light has been removed and the new hole has already been drilled.

Turn off the power!
In your electrical circuit panel, locate the circuit breaker control for the room where you’ll be working, and switch the circuit off.
If the circuits in your panel aren't labeled, turn on the existing light, and turn off the power to each circuit until the light goes out. Leave the power off, and label this circuit breaker for future reference. Also turn off the light's wall switch.   
Remove the old fixture. Remove the cover of the old fixture. Remove the old wire connectors, and untwist the fixture wires from the installed wires. Remove the base or trim from the old fixture.
Tighten the screwsCheck the electrical box in the ceiling where the fixture is attached to see if it's loose. If so, tighten the screws holding it in place, but don't over-tighten. The box must be acceptable for use with your light fixture and be securely attached to the building structure to support the weight of the fixture.  It must also be grounded, or attached to a ground wire in the ceiling. If you have doubts about the suitability of the existing box, purchase and install a new one.
Connect the wires. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for matching the wires on the new fixture to the wires installed in your home.
Typically, the black wires connect to each other, and the white wires connect to each other. A grounding wire, which is often green, connects to a grounding screw on the grounding bar. Use a wire stripper to remove the protective coating of the wires on the fixture. Wrap the bare section of each fixture wire to the bare section of its corresponding installed wire, and screw on the wire connectors. Connect the grounding wire.
Secure the base or canopy. Fold the wires into the electrical box or into a void in the base or canopy. Use the included hardware to attach the fixture base or canopy to the electrical box.
*Before light replacement*
*After light replacement with Faux Copper Paneling and Farmhouse Style Lantern - a few pieces of old barn wood trim were added to complete the look*
Suggested materials:
  • Exterior Wall Lantern   (The Home Depot)
  • 1 Faux Copper Ceiling Panel   (The Home Depot)
  • Heavy Duty Adhesive   (The Home Depot)
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