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Create this hanging flower arrangement for the holidays or any special occasion. It is very easy so follow along for step by step instructions.

Step 1: Start your project with determining a place to hang your flower meadow. Chandeliers or hanging trellis's work great. If the center of the light or hanging is open use some battery powered mini lights to make a grid to hang more flowers in the middle.

Step 2: Select your flowers and greenery. Make sure to use long stem pieces. You will also need some scissors, fishing line and clear packing tape.

Step 4: Now wind your battery powered lights around the fixture if you need the lights. Use the clear packing tape to secure the battery box. Try to hide it as much as possible. Then tape some flowers together along with greenery and tie them to the light or grid. Sometimes you can just site the tiny arrangement down over something like the wire of the lights.

Step 4: Continue adding flowers and greenery. It helps to have a friend below directing you on placement.

Step 5: Here is a shot from above to help you see how the greenery is just laying over the wires.

Step 6: Continue adding all the flowers until you fill up the fixture. Now you have a beautiful hanging flower arrangement. These are great for parties, weddings and holiday events. You can use all kind of greenery or flowers. Even flower in your backyard work great. Lavender would be cute as well. And many people love this look for Christmas.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. For more details tap the link below. And for some ideas on event planning try out this post.

Suggested materials:

  • Fishing line, packing tape, battery powered mini lights, scissors   (WalMart)
  • Flowers and Greenery   (Trader Joes)

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