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Susan J
by Susan J
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I was having a Graduation party for my daughter in our backyard. My neighbor had just repaired a portion of his redwood fence, but he used regular plywood, which maybe he didn't care what it looked like on his side as it was for him out of site, but on our side of the fence it was in perfect view of anyone sitting on the deck. Very unsightly for myself and my guests. What to do? I couldn't paint my side of the fence, as there was a short chain link fence on my side. So I did this...very inexpensive

1. went rock hunting (it's what I call it) at a local construction site (free rocks)
2. Free mulch (at the local community tree branch drop off area)
3 Lattice Boards ($8-$10 at local home improvement center)
4.rolled wire
5 Weed control plastic ($5-$6) or use newspaper (free)


1. Attach lattice board to back side of fence area with wire, or what ever works best, depending on the fence your covering.
2. Rock off area you want to cover using small to medium rocks ( I go rock hunting on Sat-Sun between 6-10am when the crews are not there, as some contractors collect the rocks to sell)
3.Loosen soil beforehand, so you can plants before or after you place the mulch.
4. Place weed control covering
5. Spread mulch over area

Note: you may add plants and shrubs before or after you spread mulch. I added after as I wasn't sure what I wanted. I also added an Arch the following year.
See the ugly plywood?
See how the lattice board covers the unsitely plywood
I added a fountain
and a couple of bushes
This is how it looked the following year
With the Arch
Then I tried this :)
It was also on Hometalk :)
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  • Jeannie Jeannie on Jan 22, 2017
    Susan, this looks great. But, why not do the fence all away around your yard? Just saying...
  • Paty Paty Paty Paty on Apr 26, 2017

    I like you project, this looks great. I am going to do the same in my fence.