How To Make Wine Glass Coasters

I recently showed you my DIY Denim Wine Bag to give as a hostess gift and in this post I showed you some pretty wine glass coasters. I’ve had many questions about the coasters and today I’d love to show you How To Make Wine Glass Coasters. They are easy and fun and would make an adorable addition to your next party. These wine glass coasters are not just for wine glasses. They can be used with any stemware you have. Margaritas anyone? How about a martini?
Sew up a set of these pretty coasters in an hour. These coasters are not just for wine glasses. They can be used with any stemware you have. Margaritas anyone? How about a martini?
I have a few “can’t do without sewing tools”. You don’t absolutely need to have these in your sewing kit but I find that whipping up a new inspiration is much easier with a clear ruler, cutting mat, rotary cutter and my magnetic purple pin dish.
I spotted this funky fun fabric pack at Walmart last week. It had a few different coordinating patterns so I snapped a couple up. I like to make each coaster slightly different so that each guest always knows which glass is theirs. The same principle as a wine charm and a little more sophisticated than a plastic cup with your name in sharpy marker.
Play around with the patterns til you get a design you like. As I said, I like to make each one slightly different but that’s entirely up to you. I can play for hours on this step. My brain just spins in a hundred different directions. I can drive myself crazy sometimes.
Next, you will take the pinned wine glass coasters to the sewing machine and stitch all the way around using a 1/4″ seam allowance. clip the corners of your wine glass coaster before turning

When you have finished sewing all the way around, clip the corners and trim the seams if you need to.

Slip your fingers through the opening where the folded fabric meets and turn the whole coaster. Take care to poke out the corners for a crisper seam. Then top stitch with a coordinating or contrasting thread color. Top stitching is with 1/4″ seam allowance.
Sit back and admire your work. Make a few sets as gifts and for yourself. These are pretty additions to any gathering and they help to coordinate your table setting. I just love them and they are so fast and easy to make that I think everyone on my gift list will have a set of wine glass coasters in no time at all. Come visit Creatively Renewed for complete instructions and more inspirational home and life ideas.
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