DIY Ceramic Tile / Stone Trivet

Trivet's are great to avoid damaging your countertops - but trying to find one that matches your décor or will work great for large pans... Well that can be difficult. In this piece I show you how made a few using left over pieces from my own kitchen remodel.
This is one of the finished trivets used to hold oils & seasonings. Why worry, well that is granite it is sitting on & I really don't want the oil soaking in.
I had a 4' piece of a mantle I removed (3/4" oak) that I simply routed out the edges & center (leaving the tile an 1/8" proud) to accept the tumbled marble pieces used for the backsplash. Don't have a router or not comfortable using one - grab a 1/2" thick piece of wood, cut to size and add some molding around the edges. After that it was simply a matter of staining the entire piece
After adhering the tile to the wood using contact cement, I used color matched caulk around the edges. Why, well regular grout would crack and chip off. In order to have cleaner lines with minimal issues I also taped the areas off that I didn't want it sticking to
Once that dried, I simply grouted it & sealed it
Add a few felt feet to help prevent water and scratching issues
and you are all done with a custom trivet using your choice of materials and sized to your liking
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