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Angie Waldner
by Angie Waldner
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15 Minutes
Years ago a friend gave me a gift like this .It took me a year to take a good look at it to see how it was made. Well I was off and running with that idea. I added one of these holders to my grand kids teachers gifts .Over the grade school years.
You will need a new pot holder a 6 or 7 inch square one is a great size. Don't wash the pot holder I know this is just and old gray pot holder, I have . I am just showing you, it must be square ,solid color fabric .If you would do the craft with a printed fabric ,when you fold the pot holder you won't see the design .Just pieces of it. I think the Dollar Tree pot holder are to thin, for this. You need a better quality one. What you need are pot holders and new Scissors to go into the scissor holder some round magnets and hot glue and a glue gun. You can get your new Scissors for this from the Dollar Tree. Just get you round magnets in the craft section at Walmart ,and your pot holders at Walmart Or the Thrift store. They must be new and not washed. I have a 7x7 pot holder and a 9x9 pot holder in this picture the other pot holder is in the upper right of this picture.
Start folding the pot holder like this ,fold one side in and then the other side over it .This pot holder is old and washed, so it is not folding well. I will switch the other larger pot holder, it is a new one I got at the thrift store . It is a 9x9 size it is bigger than most pot holders. Both sizes work Just remember the square pot holder are used for this craft.
I am showing you that if you fold your pot holder with a pattern side out you won't see it You are gluing this top flap down
Fold it like this Then have you hot glue gun all set to go, and glue the edge down on the fabric below it. Let that dry the center area becomes the pocket that will hold the scissors
Do you see the scissors slip in side the cone shape of the pot holder /scissor holder
Don't put the scissors in the holder until you glue some magnet circles on the back. These are peal and stick magnates, I pull the paper cover off the magnet and hot glue the magnets in place Let the glue dry. slip your scissors in the little cone shaped pocket you made and hand it up on the side of the fridge. Out of the way of little hands
I cut some jungle birds off this piece of left over fabric to dress up the scissor holder They were just glued down. with some hot glue.
The out side of your scissor holder can be embellished with some lace .battens o, like this one, with some fabric You won't need to hunt for scissors it you use one of these holder .It's a fast easy project.
Suggested materials:
  • New pot holder   (thrift store)
  • New scissors   (Dollar Tree)
  • Round magnets /hot glue   (Had at home)
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  • Msf28807922 Msf28807922 on Oct 29, 2017

    Reason for not washing before making? How about washing AFTER?? Maybe I missed the explanation.

    Otherwise, clever idea that I would not have thought of. I would probably make a fabric yo-yo and add a button - with a magnet inside the fold.

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  • Coleen Coleen on Nov 05, 2017

    Not a question—I made these years ago. On the outside I put two safety pins, two plain white buttons and 2 sewing needles loaded with thread—one white, one black—and knotted at the ends.

    • Angie Waldner Angie Waldner on Nov 05, 2017
      Hi I think it was about 25 years ago I got my first one as a gift. Your extras sound handy. Happy Crafting.
  • Susan A. Marquez Susan A. Marquez on Dec 21, 2017

    I have made these for years as gifts! I didn't think about putting the magnets though. Great idea. I just hang mine on a hook. Either way works great. I generally make a set of kitchen towels that can hang on your stove or a bar to go along with the scissor holder Using the same pot holder so they match.