Quick art ideas to fill large wall space

Some suggestions on how to fill a large expanse of wall space, and ideas to create quick art that looks nice. My kids love to draw and paint. When I need to fill wall space I give them a canvas or drop cloth and latex paint we have in the garage and let them go at it. I usually set up the space for them in the basement and let them work. They do best without input and interruptions. Because they love to draw I can get ideas for the direction the pictures should take, they practice to develop the idea on paper and then move to the canvas. That is how I got the painting they call "Crystals". They are large, fill a large expanse of wall space and they love to see their art work displayed for everyone to see. It requires very little cost and a little luck to find the right frame if the art needs to be framed. We have both framed and unframed. The idea was that we could put something on the wall until we can afford a better picture. But my kids' art is precious to me and they just grew on me, I got used to them.
These pictures are examples of what other things can be used and these are in my house hanging on walls in several rooms. All of the frames were freecycled so free and the paint was left over in the garage. Fabric and wall paper also left over so no cost and only a few minutes to put them into the frame.
These are temporary solutions but can work long term too and there is no need to feel a loss when they are replaced to match the style in the room.
"Crystals" painted by my 6 year old boys on canvas with craft and finger paint , unframed stretched on wood frame 3x4 feet. It is in the piano room.
Acrylic on canvas painted by 7 year old, hanging in the art studio.
Abstract painted on drop cloth with latex wall paint and framed by a gallery size frame 3.5x5 feet
Pencil drawings framed in dollar store diploma frames. The kids were 4 and 5 years old when they made these and I put them up on the wall in my office.
This one is framed wall paper in a vintage frame and it is hanging in the powder room until I find another picture or my kids' new painting needs this frame.
Favourite left over upholstery fabric framed in a vintage frame. This is in the guest room.
Vintage tapestry blanket framed with gallery frame and used as head boards in the master bedroom. There are 2 of these, the wall is very long and can handle these large frames. 4x6 feet.
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