Solve Your Pillow Problems With Paint-A-Pillow

Cutting Edge Stencils completely understands that finding the perfect accent pillow is a common problem. The right color but in the wrong pattern or the right pattern in the wrong color. Our sister company, Paint-A-Pillow, makes the entire process super easy with their pillow kits. Simply choose the pattern you love and the colors that coordinate with your room. Then presto, a fool proof craft project that will complete your home decor. Come check out the latest pillow project featuring our Peacock Feathers Paint-A-Pillow.
We'd like to introduce Jennifer, the domestic DIY queen behind the blog Town and Country Living. She had a problem finding the perfect accent pillow and said, " I realized it’s the perfect solution to my dilemma! I can choose from a variety of patterns and then I can choose the color too!" After browsing the patterns on the site, she chose the Peacock Feathers Paint-A-Pillow kit with a white pillow cover and several Jacquard fabric paints.
Jennifer poured her apple green and turquoise fabric paint into a foam tray. Then she rolled the dense foam roller in the paint. She was careful to not overload the roller because this would cause the paint to bleed under the stencil.
Once her pillow was painted, she lifted the stencil to reveal her gorgeous Peacock Feather pattern.
Then she was ready to paint her second pillow. She reversed the colors for the second pillow. And here they are again!

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