How to Easily Update Your Bathroom With Beadboard Wallpaper

by Kristina.roy

I decided to give my boring powder room a fresh look by using prepasted beadboard wallpaper. I only used it to wallpaper one wall of the bathroom. By just using bathroom wallpaper on one wall, I made it a pretty accent in my powder room.

Tools and materials

  • Prepasted beadboard wallpaper
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Cutting tools (scissors or utility knife)
  • Paint tray
  • Water
  • Roller
  • Wet sponge
Measuring the wallpaper
Cutting the wallpaper

Step 1: Measure and cut wallpaper

I measured the dimensions of the wall that I wanted to cover. Using my measuring tape, I carefully measured the height and width of the wall. I then cut my wallpaper using the level to keep everything as straight as possible.

Preparing the paint tray

Step 2: Prepare the paint tray with water

I filled a paint tray with water. This water will be used to activate the paste on the wallpaper and make it stick to the wall.

Applying water to the wallpaper

Step 3: Apply water to the wallpaper

Using a roller, I rolled water onto the prepasted side of the beadboard wallpaper. It's important to ensure that the entire surface is evenly coated with water. This will help activate the paste on the back of the wallpaper. Let the water sit for about 30 seconds before folding.

Folding the wallpaper

Step 4: Fold the wallpaper

After the water had sat for about 30 seconds, I carefully folded the wallpaper onto itself, paste-side in. This step helps to evenly distribute the water and activate the paste along the entire length of the wallpaper.

Allowing the paste to activate

Step 5: Wait and unfold

I waited for about 5 minutes, allowing the paste to fully activate. During this time, I took the opportunity to prepare the wall by making sure it was clean and dry. After the 5-minute wait, I unfolded the wallpaper.

Applying wallpaper to the wall

Step 6: Apply wallpaper to the wall

With the paste now activated, I positioned the wallpaper on the wall, starting from the top. I gently pressed the wallpaper onto the wall, smoothing it out as I worked my way down. This ensured proper adhesion and minimized air bubbles. I used a wet sponge to further smooth it out.

Trimming the bottom

Step 7: Trim the bottom

Using my cutting tools (scissors or utility knife), I carefully trimmed the excess wallpaper at the bottom to match the height of the wall. This step gave the wallpaper a clean and finished appearance.

Bathroom beadboard wallpaper
DIY beadboard wallpaper

Results, but not done yet!

DIY beadboard wallpaper

With the wallpaper in place, I am almost done with my bathroom transformation. To achieve a polished look, I will need to caulk any gaps between the wallpaper and the surrounding surfaces. I will also need to install trim around the edges to frame the wallpaper nicely.

DIY beadboard wallpaper before and after

I was able to give my powder bath a boost of character and style with prepasted beadboard wallpaper. Let me know how you have refreshed your powder room by leaving a comment below.

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