Gods Eye Wall Decor

2 Materials
2 Hours

A God's eye (in Spanish, Ojo de Dios) is a spiritual and votive object made by weaving a design out of yarn upon a wooden cross. Often several colors are used.

The God's Eye provides a watchful eye over a person, protecting him/her against future uncertainties. It also served as a symbol of the power of seeing and understanding unseen things.

During these times of pandemic, we all need to hold on and hope that tomorrow will be better. And this project is so apt to bring those positive vibes and energy. A beautiful, vibrant and colorful Gods Eye wall decor.

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Materials Required:

Yarn of different colors


Weave Pattern 1

Step 1:Place two sticks on each other to form a plus and tie them together tightly.

Step 2:Take the yarn over the stick and wind around the stick.

Keep repeating the same process, over and around the stick to form a pattern.

This is the pattern that will be formed by repeating step 2 on all the sticks.

Step 3: To add another color yarn, simply snip the current yarn and tie the new color and start weaving again. Make sure the knot goes under the stick.

Step 4: Repeat the same weave pattern as in step 2.

Step 5: Keep adding as many colors as you like until close to the end of the sticks. Once you are finished, make few knots with the yarn and secure. This is the basic weave pattern.

Weave 2

Step 6: Make 2 sets of plus shape with the sticks. Place one on top of the other, as shown in image and secure together.

Step 7: Now do the same basic weave as in Step 2 just for the top set of 4 sticks. Do this for few rounds, to create a center portion.

Step 8: Now weave using all 8 sticks for few rounds. Same basic weave, go over and wind around.

Step 9: Change your yarn color and follow the same weave (on all sticks) for few more rounds.

Step 10: Now we will change the pattern. Take your yarn under one skewer, come up and go around the next skewer. Watch my video to understand the weave. Do this for few rounds. It will start forming a square pattern.

Step 11: Add another color to stick that we skipped. Follow the same basic weave, but skip one skewer in between. So the yarn will go across the gray pattern we made. And will form a peak on the stick we are winding around. The video will show the process very clearly. Once you weave few rounds, make a knot and secure.

Step 12: I have made one more basic weave Gods Eye. You can make as many you want to put together on your wall decor.

Step 13: make few tassels using the same yarn colors to decorate the Gods Eye.

Step 13: Tie the tassels to the stick and glue some pom poms to add to the beauty.

Step14: Now take a branch or a twig and tie the Gods Eye on different levels. Add few tassels on either side of the twig.

Your beautiful Gods Eye/ Yarn mandala wall decor/mobile is ready and looing gorgeous.

Suggested materials:

  • Yarn   (local craft store)
  • Sticks   (backyard)

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  • Judy Ragan Judy Ragan on Jan 14, 2022

    My goodness. It’s been years since I’ve seen any these God’s Eyes. I made several of these when I was a teenager. It’s so much fun to make different designs. I also made some small ones using tooth ticks and embroidery thread for my friends to hang from the mirror in their car.