Found a New Way to Use These Treasures!

Yvonne Day Aka Miss Ruby
by Yvonne Day Aka Miss Ruby
Hello everyone, For those of you who have been following my postings you know I am redoing a home after a fire loss, so I am having to be very frugal and creative.I bought a box at an auction and these silver trays were in there. I think they are beautiful but I did not have the dishes for them so I reused them in a different creative way.
You see these at all of the garage sales but what to do with them?
I am still working on this house and needed a cute way to display some family items. I turned the trays upside down and nailed to the wall.
The flash took some of the details out so I apologize. I am so pleased with how these trays turned out that I may look for some more of these! I want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful support. You girls have been awesome!
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