Try a Freehand Faux Brick Wall

When it comes to DIY faux brick walls, few are more ambitious than this astounding project by Hometalker Sonja. After a crack kept recurring in her foyer, Sonja decided that if you can’t beat ‘em, you should join ‘em. After drawing hundreds of bricks, she used tape to separate each rectangle and smeared the wall in putty before adding paint to create a rustic brick effect. Get tutorial here

Tape, Time & Texture for an Old Brick Wall Look

Hometalker Wendy decided to go freehand with tape. But first, she painted her wall to ensure it looked like grout. That was the quick and easy part that came before the tape and pre-mixed drywall was added. Wendy wanted to ensure her brick wall looked old, and the stucco certainly helped. Once the paint was on, there was no way of telling it wasn’t a real brick wall. Get tutorial here

Create a Farmhouse Flourish

Painted faux brick walls are perfect for any Hometalker looking to add a little farmhouse flourish to their home. This is why Hayden Scharrer decided to share her wonderful faux brick wall project. Very precise taping, a little joint compound, and some clever acrylic paint stippling was all it took for this gorgeous textured wall to be completed. Get tutorial here

Easy-Peasy Faux Brick Wall Stencils

Instead of drawing each brick freehand, Tiffany from Dream Design DIY decided that stencils were an easy way to go. Plus, a faux brick pattern that is simply painted on is much easier to change in the future. All Tiffany had to do was tape the stencil up. She then got to work with two different shades of brown paint and a grey. Voila! Get tutorial here

Two-Layer Faux Brick Wall Stencil Technique

Instead of starting with the brick stencil, Cutting Edge Stencil began their project by painting an entire wall a few different shades of grey. This was to create the grout. Once it dried, they began stenciling. Using specific shades of browns and reds, these Hometalkers created a beautiful faux brick wall in five hours - all for under $35. Get tutorial here

Rustic and Robust Faux Brick Wall Panels

One of the most popular ways to create a faux brick wall in your home is to purchase some panels. Not only do these come in a variety of colors, shapes and textures, but they are also pretty inexpensive. Angie Harvey Hughes chose panels, which she attached to the wall using simple studs and a few extra nails before finishing off with chalk paint. Get tutorial here

How to Add Depth to Faux Brick Wall Panels

Hometalker Keri Johnson also opted for faux brick wall panels after deciding that her dining room needed a little architectural interest added to it. Instead of studs though, Keri chose adhesive and a few nails. To add even more depth, Keri used three different shades of grey to bring character to her panels, creating a truly fantastic feature wall. Get tutorial here

A Faux Brick Wall Panel Makeover

Hometalker Jennifer Drake already had faux brick wall panels installed, but they weren’t exactly to her taste. So, she decided to give them a makeover using white chalk paint and some clever detailing. Instead of leaving all of the bricks the same color, Jennifer rubbed the paint away occasionally, giving the wall a natural, rough brick effect. Get tutorial here

Faux Brick, From Walls to Backsplash and Beyond

Faux brick wall panels aren’t just for entire walls. You can also use them to add a little rustic charm to smaller areas. For instance, Melissa Lopez managed to create a stunning faux brick backsplash. After using a jigsaw to carefully cut the panels into neat shapes, Melissa stuck them to the wall and finished them off with some paint to ensure they looked as real as possible. Get tutorial here

No Time For Panels Try Faux Brick Wallpaper

Even if you are creating something that requires a little extra toughness like a kitchen backsplash, you don’t have to use faux brick panels. Hometalker Tigg, for instance, simply used brick wallpaper. Inexpensive and easy to put up, this wallpaper is far easier to manage that panels or stenciling, and it’s sure to work just as well as a backsplash. Get tutorial here

Faux Brick Kitchen Counters

Breakfast bars are always a great part of any home and now you can combine them with faux exposed brick to make an even bigger impression. How? You just need to look at this project from Dysko7710. What was a plain kitchen counter became a faux brick dream, and all that was needed was a bit of tape, spackle and a nearby trash bag to make it a reality. Get tutorial here

When There Are No More Walls, Make Some

It turns out that you don’t even need a wall to get the faux brick effect in your home - and this is something that Sarah Melito knows only too well. This Hometalker built an entire archway from wood and added in the brick! Once the lumber was in place, Sarah drew each brick individually and taped over the lines before spackling. Finished off with paint, the archway looks like it’s always been there. Get tutorial here

A Faux Brick Fireplace for the Ages

Really, faux brick accents can be added anywhere, with one of the most popular places being around the fireplace. With that in mind, Woodshop Diaries created a fantastic fitted faux brick addition to her own hearth. After the wood was all ready to go, this Hometalker added some faux brick panels and some plaster to the lumber before sanding it all down to make it look real. Get tutorial here

A Faux Brick Chimney With Faux Mantlepiece

If you don’t already have a fireplace, why not make a fake one, just like Hometalker Hayden Scharrer did? She simply built a mantle and added that beloved brick effect. Using tape and joint compound, she created the shape and texture before eventually painting the bricks with beautiful greys, creams, and browns. The finished chimney is really breathtaking! Get tutorial here

Faux Brick Wall Art For Beginners

If you don’t fancy a big project or a whole load of exposed brick, you may want to take a look at Dysko7710’s project. This Hometalker managed to turn two seemingly uninteresting kitchen cabinets and turn them into art. The first step was to paint the doors and add the hooks, then the tape and joint compound were added. The project was finished off with some expert painting. Get tutorial here

Create Individual Bricks Out of Clay

Hometalker Kaye went a step further with her brick detailing, and while she only made a few bricks there’s no reason why you couldn’t create a whole faux brick wall using this method. Starting with polymer clay and cheesecloth, Kaye made a brick surface and painted it brown after baking it in her oven for a total of 30 minutes. Once they were done, she used Velcro strips to attach them to the wall. Get tutorial here

Faux Brick Wallpaper With A Twist

The easiest way to add a little faux brick wall charm to your home is simply by using wallpaper. This is what Melissa Woods did, although she definitely made it her own and ensured it was anything but boring. Instead of simply putting the wallpaper up though, she ensured there was also exposed plaster, bringing a beautifully distressed, 3D quality to her rooms. Get tutorial here