Upcycle a Mirror Into a Framed Collage

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4 Hours

My old bathroom mirror had a crack in it and I really loved the frame and didn’t want to get rid of it so this is what I came up with. Hopefully it will inspire people to do similar things ❤️

Here is what my mirror looked like before I got to work on it. The crack was underneath the frame that’s why you couldn’t see it but it was starting to get bigger and dangerous so I had to do something with it.

I decided to enhance the frame by gold leafing it. I used a water based glue specifically for gold leaf. This one came in a pack with vanish from Amazon.

Then I put a good amount of glue all over the frame. You have to wait 1 hour for it to dry and become sticky.

After the glue had dried I put layers of gold leaf on using a brush to pat them down with.

Here is what my frame looked like after being covered in gold leaf. You can see the different and how much brighter and new it looks.

Lastly to finish the gold leaf off I vanished all over covering all areas of the frame. This gives a nice shiny finish to the gold leaf and stops scratches from easily happening.


To create my collage I got all my favourite photos out and started cutting them up.

I tuck out the mirror. (You need to be carful with this) stuck some card at the back of the mirror to support it as it’s cracked. Then I applied some pva glue all over the mirror to stick my collage photos.

Then arranged the photos how I wanted and then placed them onto the pva glue.


I cut around the edges of the mirror, cutting any excess photo pieces away and then placed the collage back into the frame and here is how it turned out. I really love how this frame now has a purpose in making this collage look even more stunning and memorable. I hope everyone liked this diy and makes one them selves.

Suggested materials:
  • Water based glue and vanish   (Amazon)
  • Gold leaf   (Amazon)
  • Old mirror   (Around the house, charity shop)
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  • Jo Ann Jo Ann on Aug 01, 2021

    I have an old frame that has nothing on it , no glass or backing, it’s ready to use, what is it you used on pictures

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  • Amanda Gerow Amanda Gerow on Jul 27, 2021

    Great post - I love how much the gold leaf brightened up the frame!

    • Glad you enjoyed. Yeah the gold leaf made a massive difference really pleased with the result. Have a look at my other diys for other things I’ve come up with.