My expensive DIY fail: spray paint

my very expensive lesson about spray painting began when I decided not to spray paint a found dresser in my garage. It was a beautiful day and so I took it outside of the garage and began spraying 'black' spray paint. Well ,shortly after i'd started a neighbor ran over and asked me to please stop. it seems that although it didn't appear to be any 'winds' blowing the 'spray' had blown on his white car...oops, I did pay for it to be taken care of but I had no idea that it'd happened. I knew that spray painting in a confined area wasn't good but I usually did this in my garage and just didn't realize how far it would or could go. Lesson Learned!!!
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  • William William on Feb 17, 2017
    WOW! Costly lesson! When I spray paint large items. I hang 4 mil landscape plastic from the ceiling/rafters of my garage and create a paint booth. For smaller items I use a three sided cardboard box.

  • Yikes! I do not yet have a paint sprayer, but I do what William does as where I live it can be very dusty. This protects, to a certain extent, whatever piece I am working on. So so sorry you had this happen to you and the flip side is that a bunch of people will read this and you will have saved them from the same costly error. There, you have done a good deed for the day! ☺

  • MadameRã MadameRã on Feb 18, 2017
    ALWAYS SPRAY IN A CLEAN CONTAINED AREA that allows some clean designed air(from air cleaners preferably)...dust often can not be seen & does terrible damage;also depending on the spray paints & methods;including the combination of paints, that some of us Artists keep secret for 'other' uses... However one doesn't need to spend a lot for a dust proof area if one doesn't have one... A decent tent is a good & cheap start/& way of keeping spray from going everywhere & keep dust at bay; though always wear unwanted clothing/or overalls & ALWAYS mask up(even with organic based spray paints.) Cleaning measures can be done with aromatherapy techniques ,though the mistake would have to been seen quick enough,& again knowledge is needed to clean off cars dukô properly, thus consulting proffessionals is required:it does sound like you learn't from that... Another thing many do wrong, the hands, attached to the largest organ on your body, your skin, MUST be gloved up when doing any type of spray painting & not all latex is good in this arena either, thus suggesting to use thick plastic gloves for secure protection. Hair, yes it to will absorb & no stripping shampoo will take it off immediately even if you think you have cleaned up properly, thus hair, which is your head we are talking about, poisens that can go directly to many areas of the brain & possibly causing serious problems years later all because 'not much' is given on the safety for untrained persons....*Please remember that ALL in life is business, NOTHING is of an exact science,& to often this gets prooved time & time again though much years later when persons are suffering from sickness/usually leading to early death, thus it is always important that if one does not understand the whole picture then trouble somewhere down the track happens.. Big Business never wants persons to know everything as then they lose business,its that simple,thus we have a continued problem of much waste (you only have to look at our 'digital world'... everything is designed to last just so long b4 having to buy more goods as repairs are to expensive, thus eliminating that area almost in work areas too. •I repair the good older versions of part analogue going into the conversion of digital, these products should never be thrown out as they last;eg: my 18 month new digital TV blew, for basic reasons, my 18 year old combo has had one tune up & still works better than most new digitals on the market, especially with signal matters that are to kept under hidden cover to why they STILL don't work cleanly always :pls notice how cheap (digital) have become in under a decade, then without Good Artists using parts for creating other products,& hopefully using other older goods thus re-cycling to do the Art process properly as then no further carbon footprints are made....yes it takes great thought to see how Big Business sucks people in to believe much rubbish,placing it on the consumers as fault,where its always in their hands//& its their fault for mucking up the world including peoples health, coming back to things like paints. I have designed ways of saving paints for longer periods, how to fix nozzles that block(& it requires more than just a pin/needle)...down to the 'nitty gritty', more explainations of how to use products safely & properly. If one has any doubt &/or doesn't really know how to do a DIY to the best of safety ability,then research really must be carried out b4 attempting.... There is a plethera of information,& better still in older manuals as in books that one might require to sit in a libray to get the full picture, rather the The Eye of the Net, only designed to create business no matter how many get hurt through lots of missing pieces of vital information.
    Crafting & creating can be a form of therapy, however to much guess work is what generally happens & to often there are a multitude of problems, & those nasty health matters too, BUT HEY even the drug companies must keep creating business don't they.... Trust is a dubious word, only 'You' the individual can either do all 'things' in the safest way possible as its more than possible you won't make it to,&/or through court hearings...& then law is another business; ever noticed how long serious cases take?
    Be responsible for yourself & the planet at large, think past the general advertising on everything as it goes far deeper than what even good people think they are doing right... We all need to think about how much excess is being bought, DO store paints & properly as they can be re-used after many years(irrelevant of whats being told/sold.)..& lastly ALL need to think about where to pick up re-cycle 'anythings' to re-use or to re-create for making of many genius items/products, & STOP believing so much fabricated advertising,especially if stipulating it would save the planet, pfff!
    It is good of you to inform others at least of a problem, well done as i am sure many mistakes have occured within the DIY interests of persons, but no one ever says a thank you for your honesty:)

  • Cheri Cheri on Feb 19, 2017
    I spray painted a couple of file cabinets in my garage, thinking that even tho the wind was blowing being in the garage I was protected, right. Well, when finished and went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and yikes!!! I was the same color as the cabinets. glasses, hair, etc. Such fun at times. ha

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 20, 2017
    Oh no! I'm keeping this in mind, thanks!!!!

  • Eliza Spear Eliza Spear on Feb 20, 2017
    Live and learn