How To Turn A Scrap Piece Of Lumber Into a Gorgeous Coat Rack - EASY!

A scrap of 1x6" stood forlornly in a corner in the garage. I had to make it into a project! Here's how I transformed it into lovely home décor!
AFTER: It's super easy to make your own beautiful coat rack. Here's how I did it.....
After a light sanding, I spray painted a base coat of flat black.
I brought it in and gave it a coat of black acrylic craft paint.
Then a light coat of white, but I left plenty of brush marks as I wanted a distressed look. I then took fine sand paper and randomly took of the white paint to expose the black underneath.
I'm a dork. I forgot to take pictures of stenciling the design on the wood but this is the stencil I used. And here's the link to it...
After I stenciled the design in the same acrylic black and it dried, I applied crackle medium to the whole piece and then went over it with a "white wash" - A white acrylic very diluted with water - just to tone the brightness down.
Of course I found the perfect knob at Hobby Lobby again - and yeah baby! Half off!
I love how it turned out!
Especially because it's functional!
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