Asked on Jul 11, 2018

Can I cut down my braided rug.

I purchased 2 braided rugs to place one on each side of my bed.

I laid them down for awhile and walked on them for awhile, much too long to be able to return, so I painted my bedroom my bedroom as I planned, a light blue, the rugs are a braided denim and jute, colors matched very well.

I laid them out as I intended, but they were way too long for each side of bed, more like a runner, soI spread one at the bottom of the bed which looks great, the other one I folded in half and left on my side of the bed and have just left it there for months, making me sick every time I look at it for me ordering them so long in the first place, but I'm still wondering, if there is any way I can cut the one in half, re-braid (Or something) to finish the ends off then place them one each side of my bed?

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  • Gk Gk on Jul 11, 2018

    Because I can't see the rugs I am will give you my best guess. I think that if you sew a double line to hold the braids in place and then cut in between the lines you might be ok. I would make several passes over the same stitching line so it is stronger. It would be much more helpful if we could see a picture of the rugs to determine if this might actually work. I don't want you to ruin expensive rugs!

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 11, 2018

    Braided rugs, when made by hand are just long braids of material sewn into the size and shape. See if you can find where they are stitched together and you should be able to unwind the rug and rework it to the size you want, stitching as you go. You may even have enough to make a small rug with the leftover braid. If you sew across the ends, I wouldn't think you would have a problem with the ends. I hope this helps you, Jan!

  • Diana Sigety Diana Sigety on Jul 11, 2018

    Are you able to put part of the rugs UNDER the bed and have the legs of the bed able to hold it down???

  • Emily Emily on Jul 12, 2018

    Since you said the rugs are made of cotton and JUTE, I doubt that cutting them will work. Jute would probably fray. Are you sure they are braided rugs? usually such rugs are ovals or rounds which would not lend themselves to being cut in half. Picture would really help

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jun 19, 2022

    Yes, a picture would let us see what you are seeing and give you the best advice.

  • Sue c. Sue c. on Aug 12, 2022

    Changing these rugs will be a MAJOR job. I helped a friend do one. Best bet is sell one on Facebook, buy one that fits that you like and put it on the floor. Why make such a cobbled job of a rug when you do not have to. Rugs are in that category of homegoods where you decide what you need in a spot-- think it over, make a paper mock up and then buy. And yes you should consider what colors you may paint the room in the future. I stick to a color scheme that I can keep area rugs with out causing eyeball burnout. You could also ask a rug professional for a price quote. They know the work involved.