Help; can't agree. What vinyl plank color? Grey/Brown tone vinyl plank

by Gga25930366
Just finishing our basement. Would grey tones for a vinyl plank floor blend in too much and be blah? That's a concern. I know it is all personal preference of course, but looking for anyone that has anything similar and just has a good eye for these things. Thanks for any help/suggestions!
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  • 27524803 27524803 on Jun 30, 2018

    Paint can change more easily than flooring... choose something you like or that reflects what is in the rest of the house..... as a personal suggestion... choose something that looks good with the current color of the ceiling... the exposed beams are a nice color.

  • Brenda Brandt Deason Brenda Brandt Deason on Jun 30, 2018

    I would go with gray. You can add color with your furniture and other decor.

  • Personally, I would go for a darker floor, still gray, but a darker shade for some contrast.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 30, 2018

    I think I would like the darker gray colored plank.... here are some grays from Home Depot...

  • Pat Pat on Jun 30, 2018

    I have been told that dark floors show a lot of dust and are hard to keep looking nice all the time. I would go with gray, the nearest to your wall paint.

  • Mogie Mogie on Jun 30, 2018

    A variegated gray floor would look nice.

  • Lina Splichal Lina Splichal on Jun 30, 2018

    If you like the monochromatic look, you could use grey "wood" vinyl planks. I would like something with a very dark grey or bold black stripe to add some definition to the room. Personally I used white laminate with very light grey "wood" striping in my tiny kitchen and loved it because there was so much else going on in the room. Your room is much larger, however, so I would add a little more (deeper) color to your flooring.

  • Hawesome Hawesome on Jun 30, 2018

    Use a light warm wood tone. Gray can look cold and it's a basement known for being cold and dark. Look at your picture the wood/carboard? that is lying on the floor is a nice tone. Think about the furniture, are you leaving the exposed ceiling and what about the red beams? Best bet is to pick up samples of flooring and live with it for a while. So many companies let you take them home at no charge.

  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Jun 30, 2018

    See? Everyone answers differently! I love gray but in your case with it being a basement, I think I would actually get something in a brown tone. I think that the finish and quality is more important for this installation that the precise color.

    As others have said, the paint can easily be changed and my feeling is that the color really feels so 'basementy'. That would change dramatically if you put in a large window well, which would bring in a lot of natural light. PLUS - it seems you building a great media room but you need to have egress in case of fire!

  • Gga25930366 Gga25930366 on Jul 03, 2018

    Thanks for all the suggestions and input everyone!! I truly appreciate your time. We went with a grey tone and I will add a pic when we finish. Enjoy the 4th!!!!