How to make a paper bag floor

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  • Karen Staples Karen Staples on Jan 02, 2018
    Check out Google

  • Hog3275625 Hog3275625 on Jan 02, 2018
    Bob Villa has info and 2 sites re paper bag floors.

  • Vicky double-yah Vicky double-yah on Jan 02, 2018
    I did mine in strips/planks, people think it’s real hardwood! I cut up my paper bags, or tear if you want that look.
    Mix Elmer’s glue & water 50/25 in a big bucket, just enough to do each section, you can always mix more.
    Crumple your paper, drop it in a bowl, saturate in the glue water mix. Since I did planks i had to kind of “paint on” using a paint brush/the glue mix to get my planks to lay down flat. It gets easier the more experience you get.. I did mine in sections so there was still walkway as it was in my entryway. Let it dry at least 24 hours, stain if you like, let that dry at least 24 hours. Then you can do your poly Finnish.
    I used minwax brand ebony stain mixed with a tiny bit of minwax red mohogany stain, Elmer’s glue, cub foods bags(if the writing side is down it didn’t show thro) and “pro finisher” brand water based polyurethane specifically for floors I got it at home depot. I did 4 coats Of poly. I live in mn, snow, salt, clunky boots etc. 2 years later I have no complaints! No divets, no flaking etc. I wash with just an old rag and mild dish soap.
    Before choosing my stain color I did try some staining options after I glued the planks down, I was able to practice in the closet so it wasn’t obvious and I recovered it when I chose the stain mix I liked. but make Sure if you test out stains your doing it on paper that’s been glued, and processed the same as your doing the actual floor or your end results will be different.
    make sure to mix (if your mixing stains to get the color you want) mix a large amount so you get consistent color, and you don’t run out mid floor and try to match the first batch of stain, it never turns out the same, ive figured that out the hard way 🤣.
    Also- a huge FYI make sure you get up ALL of the glue and any other flooring residue from previous floor, fill in ALL cracks if your covering subfloor!!! it will show the texture/bumps through the cOmpleted flooring!
    The first two pics and a few in the middle are testing the stain colors I wanted. I ended up going way darker and let the stain set until it dried, which they do not recommend doing, but I’m a rebel! Anyways after it dried I put paper bags under my shoes and “skated” around on top of the stained paper before I polyed it, to get a little rustic beat up effect. I did like the veiny look that came out in the first pic that comes with all the wrinkles you get with your crumpled paper when mixing into the glue mixture I just didn’t end up choosing that stain..
    the biggest pain (literally) was tearing up the previous awful lenolium, and glue. I didn’t get all the glue up, and like I said previously it shows through in some spots bumps and uneven textures where i either missed or got lazy with the glue removal. I researched tons of websites and tutorials to see what bloggers suggested and mixed it all into what worked for me and my space I was working on.
    Have fun & Good luck! Email or message me with any questions!!

  • Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree on Jul 05, 2022

    Here are all kinds of tutorials and success and failure stories from Hometalkers about paper bag flooring: